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Personalized LI posts from your shared articles.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Share an article link and I'll craft a LinkedIn post for you, including the URL without hyperlinks.
Sample prompts:
Share an article for a LinkedIn post
Need a post from this article, here's the tone
Create a LI post from this link, in a witty style
Help with a LI post from this article, in a professional tone
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LI Article Share is a GPT designed to generate LinkedIn posts based on any article links that a user shares with it. The unique aspect of this tool is in its ability to tailor the resulting post to various tones and styles as per the user's preference.

Users can hence effectuate a certain flair in their LinkedIn posts without straying from the content's fundamental essence. This culminates in a personalized, well-formatted text snippet that users can simply copy and paste onto their LinkedIn profiles or any other social media sharing tool.

To further streamline the process, the GPT provides an array of prompt starters. These allow users to specify the tone of the article, whether that be witty, professional, or any other intent and style.

This tool is therefore particularly handy to individuals who frequently read and share articles on LinkedIn, aiding them in reflecting their individual tastes and understanding in how they present their shares.

Nonetheless, users are required to have subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus service to employ the LI Article Share GPT.

LI Article Share was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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