Automated marketing copy creation.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps businesses create professional, high-quality copy that sells. It is free to use and requires no credit card.

The tool uses cookies to personalise content and ads, as well as to analyse website traffic. It also uses cookies for GDPR compliance and to detect bots trying to access the website.

In addition, the tool collects data on user behaviour such as their navigation and behaviour on the website, and this information is used to compile statistical reports and heatmaps.

The tool also uses cookies to remember the user's preferred language and server-cluster. This helps to optimise user experience and provide more relevant advertising.

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Pros and Cons


Free to use
No credit card required
Personalised content and ads
Traffic analysis
GDPR compliance
Bot detection
User behaviour tracking
Statistical reports
User's preferred language remembered
Optimised user experience
Relevant advertising
Load balancing
Survey and quiz capability
Error detection and reporting
LinkedIn application login
Social media integration
User's return device identification
Data synchronization with third-party
Session identification
Products/services recommendation based on user’s interaction
Efficiency of advertisement on websites measurement
Unique visitor ID assignment
Detailed visitor behaviour tracking
Numerous statistical and analytics cookies
Unique user ID used by Microsoft across domains
LinkedIn browsing-security enhancement
Visitor preferences for marketing
Referral commission fees through partner links
Embedded YouTube video player preferences stored
Estimates the user's bandwidth on pages with YouTube videos


Heavy reliance on cookies
Data privacy and sharing concerns
GDPR compliance hiccups
Potential for bot detection errors
Complex cookie preference settings
Influence of user behaviour analytics
Potential for advertisement inefficiency
Absence of evident data encryption
Overzealous behaviour data collection
User tracking concerns

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