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Accelerates content creation.
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Easy-Peasy.AI is an AI-powered content assistant that helps you and your team create original and polished content 10 times faster.

It provides over 80 AI copywriting templates that help you craft engaging and professional copy, as well as AI images and AI transcription tools to help you create stunning visuals and transcribe audio content quickly and accurately.

Additionally, Easy-Peasy.AI has an AI buddy, Marky, who can help you with a variety of tasks by conversing with you in natural language. With these tools, you can create amazing content and images with just a few clicks and save yourself time and effort.


- MARKY: ChatGPT like AI chat with real-time data, vision, and PDF AI Chat

- Build no-code AI Bots by training on your own data. Embed on any website or share via URL

- Convert text into clear, natural sounding speech across 40+ languages

- Accurately transcribe audio files into text through AI-powered automation

- Create stunning images and art with AI

- Create articles, social media posts, emails, and more with our 200+ tools

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Nov 28, 2023
Easy Peasy AI Rocks. I got it for all of my international team.
Apr 27, 2023
It has everything that I need in one place: ChatGPT, Copywriting templates, AI Images, Audio Transcription.

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Pros and Cons


Over 80 copywriting templates
Content creation acceleration
Affordable pricing
API available
Versatile writing assistance
Easy sign-up process
Creates visuals
Used by top marketers
Generates blog posts
Generates resumes
Generates job descriptions
Email and social media content assistance
Content polishing
Audio content transcribing
Text generation functionalities
Generates LinkedIn posts
Generates Instagram captions
Generates blog posts
Generates sales copy
Generates marketing copy
Generates persuasive copy
Content rewriter
Content summarizer
Grammer corrector
Generates Email content
Generates LinkedIn Recommendations
Generates job descriptions
Generates job qualifications
Generates Job Responsibilities
Translates to Singlish
Business name generator
Generate YouTube video titles
Generate YouTube video descriptions
Generates video script outlines
Generates TikTok video captions
Generates Google Ads content
Generates Facebook Ads content
Generates SEO titles and descriptions
Generates cover letters
Generates startup ideas
Generates song lyrics
Generates product descriptions
Generates stories
Generates poems
Generates quotes
Generates jokes
Generates personalized greetings and wishes
Generates podcast episode titles
Generates real estate listings


Limited word count
Not fully free
Language limit
Image creation limit
Limited template access
Appears to be complex
Limited Free Plan
High-cost Pro Plan
Limited access to tools


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Can I create images with Easy-Peasy.AI?
Who is AI buddy Marky in Easy-Peasy.AI?
What tasks can Marky help me with in Easy-Peasy.AI?
How can I chat with Marky in Easy-Peasy.AI?
How does the long form content creation work in Easy-Peasy.AI?
What kind of content can I create using the templates in Easy-Peasy.AI?
Does Easy-Peasy.AI have AI tools for social media content?
How can Easy-Peasy.AI help me generate high impact LinkedIn posts?
Does Easy-Peasy.AI feature an email generation tool?
Can I generate catchy taglines using Easy-Peasy.AI?
What's the process to start using Easy-Peasy.AI?
Can I generate custom text with Easy-Peasy.AI?
How can I use the AI story generator in Easy-Peasy.AI?
What pricing options does Easy-Peasy.AI offer?
Is there a free trial for Easy-Peasy.AI?

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