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I'm PEP-E, DALL-E for Pepes.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Ready for some fun?
Sample prompts:
Do something.
One rare Pepe please.
Anything but Pepe please!
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PEP-E is a GPT specially designed and developed to function as an extension of ChatGPT, crafted to incorporate the DALL-E functionality explicitly for Pepes.

Developed by, this tool enhances the ChatGPT experience by integrating an additional layer of amusement and engagement. Using PEP-E, users can engage in a lighter and more enjoyable interaction with the AI, where they get a chance to explore fun aspects like requesting for 'a rare Pepe'.

The tool is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with input prompts such as 'Do something.', 'One rare Pepe please.', and 'Anything but Pepe please!'.

These prompts guide the user and the AI towards creating a more interactive conversation. The use of PEP-E requires an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus, signifying that it enhances the capabilities of the base GPT by adding its unique features.

PEP-E cultivates a fun and engaging atmosphere for users, opening a playful dimension of interaction. It is key to note that the term 'Pepes' in this context relates to a popular internet meme, indicating that PEP-E is designed with a sense of humour and enjoyment in mind.


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