Keyboard shortcut productivity assistant.

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Voila is an AI powered assistant that brings convenience and productivity to your fingertips. It can be opened with a keyboard shortcut and is able to answer emails, respond to questions, summarize and translate text, or even come up with blog post ideas.

It is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.Voila has a wide range of capabilities including answering questions, creating marketing and SEO copy, summarizing and translating text, and even creating an outline for a blog post.

It can also create sales pitches and write lists in CSV format.Many users have reported Voila saving them hours of work with its ability to quickly create and send out emails that look professional and get the job done.

It is also great for curious minds and generating marketing and social media copy.Voila is free to use, and is a great way to save time and maximize productivity.

It is a great resource for anyone, from students to professionals, who loves to learn and explore.


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