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Lex: Making it easy to be consistently brilliant.
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Lex is an innovative word processing tool meant to enhance the writing experience, offering a variety of innovative features. It is designed to assist with all types of writing, ranging from quick notes to complex documents with a strong emphasis on detail.

One of the key features of Lex includes AI feedback where users can ask the AI for feedback on their drafts, brainstorm ideas, or even rewrite their content.

Lex also incorporates communication facilities allowing users to comment on drafts and collaborate live. This enables multiple users to view and edit a document simultaneously, providing a quick and easy collaboration experience.

The platform allows users to share a document link with anyone, enabling them to collaborate without requiring a specific app download. Moreover, Lex offers the 'publishing' feature, where users can generate a 'read-only' link that can be shared for viewing purposes.

Lex also provides useful AI shortcuts, helping users to find suitable words, generate idea lists, and suggesting title ideas for documents. A forthcoming feature, 'Track Changes', is expected to add more versatility to this tool.

The app aims to assist in creating a focused writing environment that eliminates distractions, assisting users in enhancing their writing and drafting processes.


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Lex was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 13th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Deep understanding of English language
Real-time recommendations
Readability score analysis
Grade level analysis
Estimated reading time
Can handle complex documents
Live collaboration feature
No need for app download
Publishing feature
Title suggestion capability
Document sharing
Draft editing
Word choice assistance
Clarity improvement
Error detection
Live document editing
Multi-user collaboration
Read-only link generation
Idea generation
Minimalist interface
Navigation via keyboard shortcuts
Mobile web compatibility
Upcoming 'Track Changes' feature
Removes writing distractions


Limited to English language
No offline access
Lacks track changes feature
No dedicated mobile app
Dependent on internet connectivity
Values only grammar correctness
No multi-language support
Requires Google account


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What is Lex's 'Track Changes' feature?
Does Lex provide a focused writing environment?
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Does Lex have a feature for live document collaboration?

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