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Infinite canvas to collaborate with AI
Generated by ChatGPT
A linear AI chat can't handle a real-life iterative process that is needed to create quality outputs. We provide the interface that can.

Our tool offers a collaborative interface that allows users to harness the power of AI while maintaining control over the creative process. By enabling users to draft sections of content with AI assistance and then revise it manually or guide the AI towards the desired outcome, our tool enhances productivity and quality. Users can seamlessly integrate relevant information to provide context to the AI, eliminating the need for tedious copy and pasting between documents. Additionally, our real-time collaboration feature allows users to work alongside teammates, facilitating faster project completion through immediate feedback and interactions.

When writing research papers, planning trips, or just organizing your thoughts, this is the best place to work with AI (and others).

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Jun 7, 2024
This could be a really great service that I would love to have. The way it creates documents would be perfect for the philosophical doctrine I'm writing but unfortantilly I couldn't use this because of the hotkey setup. I am very use to pressing CTRL Backspace to backspace by word instead of character and its ingraned in me. Its the hotkey that deletes a node on the canvas so I was deleting my nodes every time I wanted to change a word. There needs to be a way to disable the hotkey. I tried finding a way to email the developer but I couldn't find anything. Based on the idea I would give this 5stars but in its current state I cant use it. Eventually the whole thing locked up on me and I couldn't interact with the canvas in anyway.

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Pros and Cons


Supports PDF, docx, txt files
Can import webpages directly
Effective document processing
ML data chunking for storage
Scalable to thousands of documents
Offers concise, factual answers
14-day free trial
Pricing based on document size
Pricing based on questions asked
Dedicated customer support for enterprise
Plan for unlimited data uploads
Capacity for unlimited questions
Quality answers from user's documents
Tool functionality during free trial
Supports webpage content scrapping


Only supports English
Cost per Size
Cost per Question
Dependent on Quality of Documents
No context-based answers
14-day free trial limitations
Supports limited file formats


What is Lxi AI?
How does Lxi AI work?
What file types can be uploaded to Lxi AI?
Can I import webpage content directly to Lxi AI?
Do I need to understand machine learning to use Lxi AI?
How does Lxi AI process documents?
Is information from my documents stored securely?
Can Lxi AI handle large quantities of documents?
Does the quality of answers depend on the quality of my documents?
How long is the free trial period for Lxi AI?
What are the charges for using Lxi AI after the free trial period?
Does Lxi AI support languages other than English?
How do I control my question costs with my OpenAI API Key in Lxi AI?
Does Lxi AI offer customer support for enterprise users?
How can I add text directly to build my library of documents in Lxi AI?
Does my text content get turned into chunks of relevant information with Lxi AI?
Can Lxi AI retrieve relevant information from my library when I ask questions?
What does usage-based pricing mean for Lxi AI?
Can I get started with Lxi AI without a credit card?
Is there a limit on the number of questions I can ask with the free trial of Lxi AI?

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