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Mark Copy AI is a powerful copywriting tool that helps you write 3X faster and produce SEO-friendly content. It features a Rocket Mode Article Creator, an AI Writing Assistant to help you start with a sentence and guide you, an SEO Optimizer, Smart Templates and a Plagiarism Detector.

You can also collaborate with your team across departments, wherever they are, and choose the tone for your content. It also comes with a range of resources, including a blog, a community forum, tutorial series, and an affiliate program.Mark Copy comes with Motion Writing Assistant, Motion SEO and Motion Documents, to help you write content faster, collaborate with your team, create high-converting content, and rank #1 on Google.

It is trusted by 100K+ creators and marketing teams, and is being used by over 1000 teams.Mark Copy has a range of 40+ templates to make your copy look great and automatically optimise it for SEO.

It also has a live collaboration workspace, documents, folders and an advanced text editor. You can try Mark Copy free for 7 days - no credit card required.


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Rocket Mode (Mark Copy) was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Rocket Mode for speed
SEO Optimizer integrated
40+ Smart Templates available
Real-time team collaboration
Tone customization feature
Plagiarism Detector included
Blog, forum, tutorials resources
Affiliate program available
Easy collaboration with teams
High-converting content creation
Live collaboration workspace
Advanced text editor
Used by 1000+ teams
7-day free trial
Motion Writing Assistant
Motion SEO and Documents
Produces SEO-friendly content
3x faster writing speeds
Trusted by 100,000+ users
Range of resources for learning
Platforms for community engagement
Increase conversions by 80%
Automatic Blog posts optimization for SEO
Real-time Content Collaboration
40+ Templates for versatile content
Optimized content for higher rankings
Workspace for team editing
Flexible document management
In-built SEO assistant
Content generation in minutes
Advanced text editor for modification
User-friendly interface
Proven performance by testimonials
Multi-language support
One-click trial cancellation
Quickly generate SEO-friendly content
Produces unique SEO content
Live discord community support
Legally compliant service
Multi-topic template support
Cross-department collaboration
Real-time community question-answers
Content scheduling and publishing
Compatible on multiple devices
Template selections for various tasks


No offline mode
No mobile version
Limited template range
No multilingual support
Potential over-optimization for SEO
Requires continued input
No integration with CMS
Complex UI

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