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Created SEO templates in multiple languages.
Generated by ChatGPT

99WEB AI is a free AI content writing tool based on ChatGPT technology that can generate SEO-optimized and unique content for different purposes, including writing blogs, emails, sales copy, and more.

The tool offers a range of content creation templates, including article and blog writing, ecommerce, social media, website, and others, with over 60+ templates to choose from.

Users can also select from a wide range of language options. The tool works by selecting a template, providing a detailed description of the content required, and receiving unique, high-quality content that is plagiarism-free and can be used anywhere.

The generated content is also adaptable to different styles and voices. Some specific features of the tool include generating blog titles, article outlines, talking points, and paragraph structures.

It also offers email subject lines, startup name generators, company bios, and e-commerce product descriptions that will appeal to target audiences. Moreover, the tool can also help generate ad copies and headlines for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, making the user’s ads stand out from the competition.

Overall, 99WEB AI is a useful tool that can help users save time while creating high-quality content for various purposes, with a wide range of language options and content templates to choose from.


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99WEB was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Multiple content templates
60+ templates
Multiple language options
SEO-optimized content
High-quality generation
Plagiarism-free content
Adaptable styles and voices
Blog title generation
Article outlining
Talking point generation
Paragraph structure generation
Email subject line generation
Startup name generator
Company bio generator
e-commerce product description generation
Ad copy for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn
Generates various content types
Blog introduction generator
Blog conclusion generator
Article rewriter
Content rephrase feature
Facebook ad copy generator
Google ad title and description generator
LinkedIn ad headline and description generator
App and SMS notification text generator
Text extender
Content shortener
Quora answers generator
Stories generator
Bullet point answers generator
Definition generator
Questions generator
Passive to Active voice converter
Pros and Cons lister
Keyword rewriter
Emails generator
Company mission and vision generator
Ecommerce product title and description generator
Amazon product title, description, features generator
Social media post generator
Instagram hashtag generator
Twitter tweets generator
YouTube titles, descriptions, outlines generator
LinkedIn posts generator
TikTok video scripts generator
SEO Meta tags generator
Tone changer
Song lyrics generator
Translation tool
FAQs and answers generator
Testimonials generator


No API available
Limited to 30,000 words monthly
No option for unlimited content
Limited template variety compared to competitors
Strict content word limit
Restricted audio file size limit
Requires detailed input for content generation
Inflexible pricing plans
No custom plan options available
No Speech to Text in lower plans


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Does 99WEB AI offer templates for ecommerce content?
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How many content creation templates does 99WEB AI offer?
Can I get product descriptions for Amazon using 99WEB AI?
Does 99WEB AI write SEO-friendly YouTube video descriptions?
Does 99WEB AI provide the feature of content translation?
Can 99WEB AI help in writing catchy Instagram captions?
Does 99WEB AI provide a keyword rewriting feature for SEO?
Do I need to enter a credit card to use 99WEB AI?
What plans and features does 99WEB AI offer?
What are the differences between the Starter, Pro, and Plus plans of 99WEB AI?

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