SEO content 2023-05-15
Generated SEO articles for bloggers & creators.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-based writing tool that generates SEO-friendly articles for blog posts quickly and easily. The tool claims to deliver the quality of a professionally written piece in just a few minutes. helps bloggers and content creators create SEO-optimized content that can be indexed on Google, Google News, and other search engines. The tool is said to be hassle-free, as it allows users to avoid the time and effort typically required for writing a blog post.

The platform offers different pricing plans based on tokens, starting from 10 tokens for €10.00 up to 500 tokens for €250.00. claims to have a high uptime guarantee of 99.9% for its users.

Additionally, the tool has a blog section that provides insights on growing businesses, the benefits of using AI to write blog posts, and how to use their features.

Maxence Rose, a specialist in artificial intelligence technologies, created the platform. is committed to helping bloggers and writers create quality content with the advanced features that the writing tool offers.

The platform is secure and payments are made through a stripe payment gateway. can boost productivity and help writers and bloggers create better content with ease.


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Aify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates SEO-friendly articles
Quick content creation
Content optimized for multiple search engines
Time-saving tool
Hassle-free platform
Flexible pricing plans
99.9% uptime guarantee
Educational blog section
Secure payments
Improves productivity
Ease of content creation
Professional-quality content
Token-based service
Discounts for bulk purchases
Advanced content creation features
Trusted by worldwide creators
Thousands of articles generated
Boosts online visibility


Pricing based on tokens
Payment only via Stripe
Lacks personalized writing styles
Missing offline functionality
Limited SEO optimization options
No multilingual support
No plagiarism checker
No option for custom templates
Cannot cater specialized topics
No free usage tier


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Is only for bloggers?
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How does the token system work on
Is the platform secure?
Does have a high uptime?
How can help boost my productivity?
Does have a blog section?
What can I find in's blog section?
Does claim to deliver professional quality articles?
What is the mission of
Does have any special features?
Can help improve my blog's search engine ranking?
Can I get help if I forgot my password?
What kind of articles has generated till now?

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