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Content and SEO assistant.
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GetGenie AI is a personal assistant tool that helps users with various content and SEO-related tasks to optimize their website, blog or social media channels.

It is available as both a WordPress plugin and a SaaS solution for web browsers. The tool offers multiple features including blog post generator wizard, social media post generator, ad copy generator, and WooCommerce product description generator.

It also provides Elementor advanced support, which allows automatic filling of Elementor pages with winning content and copies generated by integrated AI.

In addition, GetGenie AI offers SEO features such as competitor analysis and content score analysis, which can help users analyze content gaps and outrank their competitors on search result pages.One of the standout features of GetGenie AI is GenieChat, an AI chatbot that allows users to communicate with 22+ AI personalities of deep topical expertise to get the best human-like conversational experience.

The tool also supports 33+ language options, allowing users to generate and optimize content in multiple languages.GetGenie AI simplifies users' SEO efforts with advanced AI solutions such as keyword analysis, competitor analysis, content score, and NLP-based suggestion keyword cluster.

It enables them to research and identify AI-filtered keywords, analyze and beat their SERP competitors, optimize content with a predictive AI score, and cover all relevant AI-filtered keywords of a topic with the NLP clustering technology.

Overall, GetGenie AI serves as a personal assistant tool that offers a range of AI-powered features to help users generate and optimize content, rank faster, and stay ahead of their competitors.


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Pros and Cons


WordPress plugin
SaaS solution
Blog post generator
Social media post generator
Ad copy generator
WooCommerce product description generator
Elementor advanced support
Competitor analysis
Content score analysis
SEO optimization
33+ language options
Keyword analysis
NLP-based keyword clustering
SERP competitors analysis
Predictive content scoring
Integrated with favorite tools
30+ templates
SEO efforts simplification
Built-in content score feature
Real-time conversations
Multilingual content generation
Email copy generator


Limited to WordPress
No email copy generator
Limited language support
No IOS/Android app
Single channel support
Limited integration choices
Not open-source
Lacking real-time editing
Needs improvement


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How does GetGenie AI help in keyword research and analysis?
Can GetGenie AI analyze my competitors' content?
What is a content score in GetGenie AI and how does it work?
What are the capabilities of GetGenie AI's blog post generator wizard?
Can GetGenie AI help in WooCommerce product description creation?
What is Elementor Advanced Support in GetGenie AI?
What does GetGenie AI’s Ad Copy Generator do?
Does GetGenie AI offer a social media post generator function?
Can GetGenie AI help users communicate with 22+ AI personalities?
How does the NLP-based suggestion keyword cluster of GetGenie AI work?
Does GetGenie AI offer any discounts during summer sale?
What are the user reviews about GetGenie AI?
What is the rating of GetGenie AI on trustpilot?
What tools does GetGenie AI integrate with?
How can I purchase GetGenie AI?

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