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WordPress content creation and optimization for SEO.
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Gizzmo is a game-changing tool designed specifically for bloggers and publishers looking to expand their affiliate marketing potential. While Gizzmo does create content, its true power lies in its ability to generate affiliate articles that are strategically optimized for profitability. The tool goes beyond simple content creation by automatically embedding all the necessary elements to maximize earnings, including perfectly placed affiliate links, product comparisons, and calls-to-action. What sets Gizzmo apart is its seamless integration with Amazon's affiliate program, automatically connecting your unique affiliate tags to the articles, ensuring you generate commissions on autopilot.
Gizzmo offers five specially designed content templates tailored for affiliate success:

Product Reviews: In-depth, unbiased reviews highlighting product features, pros, cons, and overall performance.
Product Roundups: Comprehensive comparisons of up to 50 products, showcasing their features, benefits, and drawbacks.
Informative Articles: Helpful guides assisting readers in making informed purchasing decisions.
Product Comparisons: Detailed side-by-side comparisons of two Amazon products, highlighting their similarities and differences.
Engaging Listicles: Captivating list-based articles enhanced with AI-generated or professional images.
While Gizzmo does provide top-notch on-page technical SEO, its primary focus is on helping you monetize your content effectively. Whether you're promoting products from Amazon or expanding to other affiliate networks, Gizzmo is the ultimate tool to supercharge your affiliate game and boost your passive income.


Offers five tailored content templates: Product Reviews, Product Roundups, Informative Articles, Product Comparisons, and Engaging Listicles
Creates profit-optimized affiliate articles designed to maximize earnings
Automatically embeds affiliate links and connects them to your Amazon affiliate tags
Generates commissions on autopilot, saving you time and effort
Provides perfect on-page technical SEO to improve search engine rankings
Empowers bloggers and publishers to expand their affiliate marketing potential
Seamlessly integrates with Amazon's affiliate program, with plans to expand to other networks
Enables passive income generation through strategically optimized content
Saves time by automating the process of creating and monetizing affiliate content
Designed specifically for bloggers and publishers looking to boost their affiliate game

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May 4, 2024
Free version is hopeless

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Gizzmo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


WordPress content plugin
Creates high-quality articles
SEO-friendly content
Automated Amazon images inclusion
Automatically creates internal links
Meticulously researched content
Rich SEO-friendly headlines, titles, descriptions
Automated affiliate tag integration
Embedded affiliate links
Generates validated JSON-LD structured data
Adheres to specifications
Generates diverse commerce-related article types
Monetization through product carousels
Multiple carousel types to choose
Affiliate integration with 'Buy Now' buttons
Focus keyphrase integration for SEO
Offers dynamic product discovery carousels
Automatic post production
Amazon tag and 'Buy Now' button integration
Amazon images suggestion
Compatible with all WordPress themes and page builders
No need for Amazon API
Supports English content generation


Limited language support
Supports only and
Only works on Wordpress
Pricing can be prohibitive
Automated content lacks personalization
Reliant on Amazon affiliation
Limited carousel customization
Limited to commerce-related content types
May inflate website data requests
Lack of integration with other SEO tools


What is Gizzmo Ai?
How does Gizzmo Ai integrate with WordPress?
How quickly can Gizzmo Ai generate an article?
Can Gizzmo Ai generate articles with SEO-friendly headlines and descriptions?
Can Gizzmo Ai create automatic internal links on my website?
How does Gizzmo Ai integrate affiliate links into content?
What is the purpose of Gizzmo Ai's affiliate tag integration?
How does Gizzmo Ai handle specifications?
What types of articles can Gizzmo Ai generate?
Can Gizzmo Ai assist me with monetizing content?
How does Gizzmo Ai's automated product carousel feature work?
What types of carousels can Gizzmo Ai create?
Can Gizzmo Ai integrate my Amazon tag into a 'Buy Now' button?
Are the articles created by Gizzmo Ai of high-quality?
Does Gizzmo Ai offer a trial?
What are the different pricing plans offered by Gizzmo Ai?
Does Gizzmo Ai offer a money-back guarantee?
Is Gizzmo Ai compatible with my current WordPress theme?
How does Gizzmo Ai use my keyphrase for enhanced SEO?
Can I use Gizzmo Ai if I do not have an Amazon API?

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