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AutoBlogging Pro is an AI-powered tool designed to help automate content creation for WordPress blogs. Using OpenAI's GPT latest models, the tool generates high-quality, comprehensive, and SEO-optimized articles with targeted keywords, proper structure, bullet points, and paragraphs, among others.

The system employs a proprietary process that ensures plagiarism-free content creation with images. The process involves users registering for an account, adding a domain, and managing keywords to adjust article generation limits.

The AutoBlogging Pro WordPress plugin allows users to publish AI-generated content directly to their WordPress blog. The tool incorporates calls-to-action, email opt-ins, and landing pages into the content to encourage the audience to take action and make purchases.

It helps customize the content to specific audiences to maximize sales potential. AutoBlogging Pro can write content in over 25 languages and can be used for news aggregation, niche blogging, product reviews, and content curation.

The tool offers users a range of benefits, including saving time and energy, maximizing earnings, and exploring new opportunities. AutoBlogging Pro provides users with unlimited projects, ChatGPT API, content analysis, and limit generation quotas, among others.

The pricing structure offers a free plan for two articles generated monthly up to a premium plan that allows for the generation of up to 135 articles monthly.

Overall, the AutoBlogging Pro tool provides AI-assisted content creation, curation, and publishing, aimed at helping bloggers automate their workload.


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AutoBlogging Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates SEO-optimized articles
High quality content
WordPress plugin
Automatic publication to WordPress
Properly structured content
Plagiarism-free articles
Featured images included
Integrates CTAs, email opt-ins
Customization to specific audiences
Can write in 25+ languages
Good for news aggregation
Unlimited projects
Content analysis
Limit generation quotas
Includes landing pages
Supports niche blogging
Supports product reviews
Supports content curation
Free plan available
Multiple paid plans
Supports several SEO plugins


Requires WordPress plugin
Limited free plan
Pricing can add up
Content not fully unique
No refund policy
Only supports 25+ languages
Bulk articles may lack uniqueness
Relies on user-defined keywords
No API for external applications


How does AutoBlogging Pro work?
Is it required to have an OpenAI API key to use AutoBlogging Pro?
How is AutoBlogging Pro different from other blog automation tools?
Does AutoBlogging Pro support multiple languages?
Can AutoBlogging Pro be used for news aggregation or niche blogging?
Does AutoBlogging Pro offer keyword analysis?
How to set blog article generation limit in AutoBlogging Pro?
Does AutoBlogging Pro offer a WordPress plugin for publishing?
Does AutoBlogging Pro optimize content for SEO?
Are the articles generated by AutoBlogging Pro unique and plagiarism-free?
Can AutoBlogging Pro incorporate calls-to-action and email opt-ins into the content?
In how many languages can AutoBlogging Pro write content?
Does AutoBlogging Pro allow for unlimited projects?
Are there any free plans available with AutoBlogging Pro?
How does the pricing structure of AutoBlogging Pro work?
Can AutoBlogging Pro be used for product reviews and content curation?
How is the process to get started with AutoBlogging Pro?
Can AutoBlogging Pro help in maximizing earnings for a blog?
What are the steps to connect AutoBlogging Pro with a WordPress blog?
How does AutoBlogging Pro ensure that the content is targeted to a specific audience?

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