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DURBUN is a web-based AI tool designed for generating SEO-friendly articles. The tool offers a variety of features focused on creating comprehensive content for websites.

It enables users to generate articles containing titles, keywords, subtitles, images, and even a FAQ section to enhance an overall SEO score. Furthermore, DURBUN integrates with WordPress, allowing users to publish their generated articles directly from the dashboard.

Other features include bulk generation, enabling users to generate multiple articles at the same time by entering their desired keywords. DURBUN pride itself on quick content generation, with results in minutes cutting out the need for manual work.

Users can generate advanced content using GPT-4 support. The tool also includes a 'title spinner' for creating diverse and attractive article titles. To access the content generation service, users must purchase DURBUN credits, which are used proportionately to word count in the articles.

User efficiency is also facilitated by the tool's capacity to store generated articles for future download and use.


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Durbun was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates SEO-friendly articles
Web-based interface
Integration with WordPress
Direct publishing to WordPress
Bulk generation of articles
Quick content generation
Advanced content creation with GPT-4
Title spinner for diverse titles
Article storage for future use
Credit system for word count
Promises user efficiency
Generates comprehensive website content
Inclusion of keywords in articles
Offers subtitles and images
Adds FAQ section to articles
Creating unique articles
Flexible according to keyword input
No extra costs or fees
Easy sign up with free credits
Supports content and title spinning
Generates featured images
Dashboard for user convenience
Allows article length customization
Enables generating marketing texts
FAQ content generation ability
Meta descriptions generation
Wordpress auto-posting feature
Integrated pricing calculator
Supports cryptocurrency payments
Email and ticket support
Frequent updates and improvements
No API key or subscription needed
Generates multiple images per article


Only web-based
Limited to WordPress Integration
Requires DURBUN credits purchase
No API access
Payment options limited
No free tier available
GPT-4 might be overkill
No multilingual support
No refund policy detailed
Storage duration for articles unclear


What is Durbun?
What does Durbun do?
How does Durbun help in generating SEO-friendly articles?
Can I use Durbun with WordPress?
Can Durbun generate multiple articles at the same time?
How quick is the content generated by Durbun?
Does Durbun support GPT-4 for content generation?
What is the 'title spinner' feature in Durbun?
How do I access Durbun's content generation service?
What are Durbun credits and how are they used?
Can Durbun store generated articles for future use?
Does Durbun offer a trial or free credits upon sign up?
How can I publish my articles directly from the Durbun dashboard?
What kind of support does Durbun provide for generating article images?
How does Durbun ensure the generation of SEO-friendly articles?
What kind of articles can be generated using Durbun?
Can Durbun create FAQ content for my website?
Can Durbun help me with keyword integration for my articles?
How does Durbun handle bulk article generation?
How can I integrate Durbun with my existing WordPress website?

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