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Use AI to power your eCommerce writing.
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Embolden is an AI-powered writing tool specifically designed to support ecommerce businesses. It leverages AI and language learning models to generate content like emails, product descriptions, social media posts, ad copy, and customer service responses.

Emboldens operation begins with a choice from over 60 writing tools to cater for diverse ecommerce copywriting needs, from SEO-friendly product descriptions to engaging emails.

The tool then requires some context about the business, product, and tone, after which it formulates the required output. The tool formats and structures all the generated content to an SEO friendly and optimized for conversions standard, ensuring the AI writer creates a copy similar to that of the most successful businesses.

In essence, Embolden transforms the process of copy creation from tedious and time-consuming to streamlined and efficient. It is designed to save time and money while producing high-quality, engaging, and contextual content for ecommerce businesses.

On a more extensive scale, Embolden can generate content for a wide variety of applications, including abandoned cart emails, Amazon product listings, business names, content rewrites, customer service responses, Facebook and Google ads, Instagram captions, press releases, product descriptions, and more.


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Embolden was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates ecommerce content
Email copywriting tool
Social media writing tool
Ad copywriting tool
Customer service response tool
SEO-friendly content
Optimization for conversions
User-friendly interface
Variety of writing services
Time and cost efficiency
Large array of tools
Supports various copywriting tasks
Optimized formatting and content structures
50+ writing tools
Context-based output generation
SEO-friendly output
Conversion-optimized output
Product description generator
Abandoned cart email writer
Product sale email writer
Return policy generator
Facebook post generator
Customer service response generator
Press release generator
Twitter post generator
YouTube video title generator
Abandoned checkout email generator
Store sale email generator
Shopify product page description generator
Amazon product listing description generator
LinkedIn ads generator
SEO meta tags generator
Google ad copy generator
Instagram captions generator
Business slogan generator
Article outline writer
TikTok video ideas generator
Company story generator
Startup ideas generator
Analogy maker tool
Product names generator
Welcome email generator
Upsell email generator
Money back guarantee generator


Limited to ecommerce writing
Possibly unsuitable for complex topics
No direct API integration
Monotonous writing style potential
Context sensitivity may be lacking
Ease of use not guaranteed
Excessive feature overload
Vagueness in SEO-optimization claim
Long tool list may confuse


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What tools are included in Embolden's suite?
What types of content can Embolden generate for my business?
Is the content created by Embolden optimized for conversions?
Does Embolden offer a free trial?
How does giving context to Embolden improve the generated content?
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Can I generate as much content as I want with Embolden?
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How quickly can I generate content with Embolden?
What does it mean that Embolden uses Language Learning Models?

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