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Optimized digital marketing budget platform.
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BOSCO™ is an AI-powered digital marketing intelligence platform that enables marketers to plan their digital marketing budget more efficiently. The tool provides personalized reporting dashboards by combining internal marketing data with algorithmic modelling.

Marketers can make data-driven decisions on digital marketing spend based on insights easily accessible through the platform's user-friendly interface.

BOSCO™ does not rely on the user's marketing budget; instead, it ranks the user's domain against its closest competitors in the same category using its BOSCO™ Index.

The index is based on data from trusted third-party domains collected from previous digital interactions, measuring how effective the user is with investments in organic and paid media channels.

With the BOSCO™ Index, marketers can see how they stack up against their competitors, identify sales opportunities and improve their online footprint.Moreover, the tool offers forecasting for future digital marketing performance with 96% accuracy.

BOSCO™ predicts how to allocate your online spend across all channels for maximum return on investments. The platform also provides resources that help marketers optimize their digital marketing budgets, such as events and blogs.

The tool requires no coding, consolidates data, and reports at lightning speed. The platform offers expert data and marketing support to help guide marketers through their digital marketing budget optimization.

BOSCO™ is trusted by multiple brands to optimize their digital marketing budgets, making it a reliable tool for marketers who want to forecast their digital marketing performance and allocate their online spend efficiently.


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Jan 1, 2024
Hello suraj kumar

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Pros and Cons


Personalized reporting dashboards
Combines internal marketing data
Algorithmic modelling
User-friendly interface
BOSCO™ Index for competitor ranking
Forecasting with 96% accuracy
Resource offerings (events, blogs)
No coding required
High-speed data consolidation and reporting
Expert data and marketing support
No dependency on marketing budget
Efficiency in planning digital marketing budgets


Third-party data reliance
Limited to marketing budget optimization
Domain-based competitor assessment only
No coding, potential customization limits
Dashboards only personalized
Dependent on BOSCO™ Index


What is BOSCO™?
How does BOSCO™ help in efficient digital marketing budget planning?
What exactly is the BOSCO™ Index?
How does the BOSCO™ Index compare a user's domain with its closest competitors?
What data does BOSCO™ use for its index?
How accurate is BOSCO's forecast for future digital marketing performance?
Does BOSCO™ require any coding knowledge to operate?
How quick is BOSCO™ in consolidating data and generating reports?
What type of support does BOSCO™ offer?
What kind of information does BOSCO™'s personalized reporting dashboard provide?
What additional resources does BOSCO™ offer to help optimize my digital marketing budget?
Does the efficiency of BOSCO™ depend on my marketing budget?
What insights can I glean about my competitors using BOSCO™?
How can BOSCO™ predict where to allocate my online spend for maximum return?
Which brands trust BOSCO™ for optimizing their digital marketing budgets?
How does BOSCO™ use algorithmic modelling?
Does BOSCO™ offer any kind of demo before purchasing?
What is the success rate of BOSCO™ in reducing ad spend and increasing sales?
How does BOSCO™ help in identifying sales opportunities?
How does BOSCO™ improve my online footprint?

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