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Marketing analytics for e-commerce businesses.
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Lebesgue is an AI-powered marketing analytics tool that helps e-commerce businesses improve their marketing decisions and boost their ROI. By analyzing all the core metrics and providing actionable insights, Lebesgue allows businesses to track and benchmark their Facebook and Google ads against over 1,500 eCommerce businesses in real time.

The tool enables businesses to identify and solve critical mistakes that have a serious impact on their growth, improve their weakest metrics, optimize their checkout funnel, and leverage insights to scale their marketing performance.

Lebesgue also facilitates market research and competitive analysis, helping businesses stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and giving them actionable insights on where to focus their efforts.

Additionally, Lebesgue predicts and measures the customer's lifetime value and identifies the best-performing marketing channels, enabling businesses to invest in their most profitable areas.

Finally, the dashboard is user-friendly and provides easy-to-use tools for making ad copy, understanding the competition, and improving several data points that boost performance.

Overall, Lebesgue is a highly recommended tool for e-commerce businesses seeking to make smarter marketing decisions and improve their ROI.


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Lebesgue was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Benchmarks against 1500+ businesses
Real-time marketing metrics analysis
Identifies critical marketing mistakes
Suggests optimization for checkout funnel
Facilitates market research
Facilitates competitive analysis
Predicts customer's lifetime value
Identifies best-performing marketing channels
User-friendly dashboard
Tools for creating ad copy
Provides insights on competition
Tracks Facebook and Google ads
Supports multiple ad platforms
Supports various eCommerce businesses
Provides actionable insights
Features industry trends updates
Contains global marketing benchmarks
Offers step-by-step recommendations


Only supports Facebook, Google ads
Geared towards e-commerce businesses
No LinkedIn, Twitter support
Limited to 1500+ businesses comparison
Not specified integration capabilities
Exclusive to Shopify stores
Restricted to Google, Facebook, Instagram
Monitoring largely ad-focused
Limited UI language availability


What does Lebesgue do?
How can Lebesgue improve my marketing decisions?
What specific metrics does Lebesgue analyze?
Can Lebesgue help me track and benchmark my Facebook and Google ads?
Can Lebesgue identify critical mistakes in my marketing strategy?
How can Lebesgue help optimize my checkout funnel?
Can Lebesgue facilitate market research and competitive analysis?
How does Lebesgue predict and measure the customer's lifetime value?
Does Lebesgue identify the best-performing marketing channels?
How does Lebesgue improve the performance of e-commerce businesses?
Can Lebesgue help make my ad copy?
Does Lebesgue have tools for understanding competition?
How user-friendly is Lebesgue's dashboard?
How many businesses use Lebesgue?
Is there a trial period for Lebesgue?
How can Lebesgue help me with my Shopify store?
Can Lebesgue benchmark Facebook and Google Ads results against other businesses?
Does Lebesgue have a tool for making ad copies?
What are some unique features of Lebesgue?
Can Lebesgue connect with Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads?

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