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Enhancing client acquisition and engagement through AI Marketing and sales automation.
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Bigly Sales is an AI Marketing and sales automation software solution aimed at enhancing client acquisition and engagement. A core part of its offerings lie in sales and marketing automation, with tools for finding clients, automating SMS and emails, and website development.

The tool leverages the power of AI technology to help businesses meet and dominate their sales targets. Some of the key features offered by Bigly Sales include AI auto-responders, AI scheduler, AI landing pages, AI powered emails and texting, and soon to be available AI calls.

It provides setup assistance and support, which includes onboarding users, importing and organizing data, training new users, automating AI campaigns, and customer success.

The software also promises detailed reporting of every call and text inbound/outbound, simplifying interaction, engaging audiences effectively, and enhancing user experience.

For businesses with in-house tech teams, Bigly offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) solution to facilitate efficient development and allow for custom system integration at their own pace.


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Pros and Cons


Automated SMS and Emails
Enhances Client Acquisition
Increases Customer Engagement
Onboarding Assistance
Data Import and Organization
Training for New Users
Detailed Call/Text Reporting
Interaction Simplification
Effective Audience Engagement
User Experience Enhancement
SDK for In-house Teams
Custom System Integration
Sales Process Automation
Website Development Tools
Client Finding Tools
World Class Customer Success
Full Visibility of Inbound/Outbound Communication
Customizable Features
1000 + App Integration
Handle Everything For Users


No multichannel marketing
Limited customizability
Less detailed SMS reporting
No direct CRM integration
No ecommerce features
No A/B Testing feature
No social media integration
Doesn't offer competitive analysis


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How can Bigly Sales help me meet and dominate my sales targets?

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