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Dropy.AI is an AI-powered dropshipping tool that aims to help users achieve success in the world of e-commerce. Developed by a dropshipping expert, this comprehensive and user-friendly solution offers a range of features to streamline the dropshipping process and optimize sales.With Dropy.AI, users can easily find and source winning products, manage their inventory, and streamline order fulfillment.

The tool's intelligent algorithms provide valuable insights and recommendations to help users optimize their sales and stay ahead of the competition.One of the key features of Dropy.AI is its daily addition of winning dropshipping products by real expert dropshippers.

These products are carefully selected based on strict criteria, ensuring not only increased sales but also high profit margins. The tool also offers one-click import to Shopify, making it easy to integrate with major suppliers.Dropy.AI goes beyond product sourcing and offers automation features powered by AI.

Users can build professional stores in minutes with the help of the AI Virtual Assistant and easily manage customer support. Additionally, the tool provides AI social media tools to help users go viral and boost organic social traffic.It is important to note that Dropy.AI is not affiliated with Grammarly, Open AI, Zendrop, or any other integration providers mentioned on the website.

The tool is designed to provide information and education and success depends on individual experience, motivation, and capacity.Overall, Dropy.AI presents itself as an all-inclusive AI dropshipping tool that is designed to help users scale their business, increase revenue, and obtain free organic traffic.


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Sep 20, 2023
Tried a few times to get in touch with them due to refund my subscription, 0 responses so far. No social medias to get in touch too aswell or share a review
Jan 8, 2024
Did they ever get back to you?
Jan 24, 2024
yes after a while it got refunded for 1 month

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Pros and Cons


Daily product additions
Real expert dropshippers
Manage inventory easily
Streamline order fulfillment
Intelligent sales optimization algorithms
High profit margin focus
One-click import to Shopify
Major supplier integration
Build professional stores quickly
Customer support management
Boost organic social traffic
Non-affiliated tool
Information and education focused
SEO-optimized product descriptions
Work reduction
3-day free trial
Flexible subscription plans
Comprehensive user-friendly solution
Automated product sourcing
AliExpress integration for sourcing
One-click Zendrop integration
Faster customer response
Provides valuable insights
Success depends on user
Products added by professionals
Winning products sourced directly
Increase revenue capabilities
Designed for business scale


Limited integrations
Dependent on Zendrop
Limited to Shopify
No mobile version
No success guarantee
Requires motivation and capacity
No clear support structure
Lacks transparent pricing post-trial
Only daily product additions


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What social media tools does Dropy.AI provide?
Can Dropy.AI help with building professional stores?
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Can Dropy.AI help boost organic social traffic?
Does Dropy.AI provide SEO-optimized product descriptions?
How can Dropy.AI help with managing customer support?
Can Dropy.AI integrate with major suppliers?
What is the role of the AI Virtual Assistant in Dropy.AI?
Does Dropy.AI have a customer success program?
Can Dropy.AI help me scale my business and increase revenue?
Is Dropy.AI available for use outside of Canada?

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