Shopping assistance 2023-01-19
E-commerce website's shopping assistant.
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Glov is a conversational shopping AI assistant designed specifically for the unique challenges of e-commerce. It aims to elevate e-commerce by providing direct and intuitive shopping dialogues, resulting in a 12% conversion rate growth and 35% less abandonment.

The tool enables eCommerce players to swiftly deploy conversational shopping AI assistants that engage in natural and insightful customer dialogues. With Glov, users can add a conversational assistant to their site, mimicking a skilled salesperson who knowledgeably addresses customer queries and understands their needs.

It also allows for conversational product discovery, facilitating natural language search and exploration to assist customers in finding the right products.

Additionally, Glov offers proactive sales dialogues through its Dialogue Flow feature, allowing users to tailor sales conversations to align with their business needs.

The tool includes precise intent recognition, enabling quick training of the shopping AI to understand customer intent in queries and inquiries.Glov also provides long-term customer memory, allowing businesses to keep a record of customer preferences over time, aiding in personalized communication and recommendations.This tool has been used by Vivense and resulted in an 11% increase in conversion and gained 1,150 new shoppers in just 30 days.

Glov offers three easy steps to activate: enabling AI-powered discovery by feeding in product catalogues and FAQ documents, connecting with the interface using the Glov API or pre-packaged interface, and attaching custom functions for specific business needs.Glov is exclusively built for e-commerce, offers performance-oriented features such as built-in A/B testing and targeting capabilities, and provides an end-to-end solution handling all necessary data in the cloud.

It also offers seamless integration with the ability to connect data and call the Glov API effortlessly.


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Glov was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 2nd 2023.
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