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Comparing prices and generating ideal shopping lists.
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$1000 3 electronics for Black Friday please.
Optimize my shopping list.
How much does the item in the photo cost?
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GPTPrice is a GPT that specializes in assisting users with price comparison, budget-fitting shopping, and generating optimized shopping lists from any given concept or idea.

This application uses the power of AI to determine and compare prices of different items and services, facilitating well-informed purchase decisions for its users.

It is integrated with a budgeting function that allows users to specify their budget limitations, and returns appropriate choices within that price range, which promotes effective and efficient budget planning.

Users can leverage this function to get suggestions on best-value options to add to their shopping list, ensuring they get the most out of their budget.In addition, GPTPrice has a feature which generates optimized shopping lists based on user input, either from randomly articulated ideas or specific requests.

This allows for a highly personalized shopping experience as it understands and adapts to individual user requirements, preferences, and limitations. For example, if given the command '3 electronics for Black Friday please', it is capable of providing tailored suggestions that match the given parameters.The tool requires ChatGPT Plus to function and some sample prompt starters for using GPTPrice include 'Optimize my shopping list' and 'How much does the item in the photo cost?' Sign up to chat and start using the tool via


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