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Gain financial clarity without sharing your bank login.
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Skwad is a privacy-first money management tool designed to assist users in understanding and tracking their spending. The unique proposition of Skwad is that it helps users maintain financial clarity without the need to link or share their bank login details with a third-party application.

Instead, users receive a dedicated Skwad email address where they can direct spending alerts from their banks or credit card providers which are then quickly converted into categorized transactions.

Skwad facilitates the uploading of old transactions for a comprehensive financial overview. Notably, Skwad alerts users about out-of-place transactions or changes in spending patterns, helping in the early identification and mitigation of financial risks.

Another feature is the tracking of bills and subscriptions, with provided notifications for upcoming payments and fee changes. The Skwad app allows the sharing of specific transactions with a trusted group (Skwad) and offers functionalities such as spend calendar, transaction enhancement with receipts, synchronization to Google Sheets, and transaction splitting.

In terms of security and privacy, only transaction information is accessed by Skwad, with no requirement or exposure of sensitive bank details.


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Apr 5, 2024
Cute expense tracking app. I really appreciate you can import old transactions (former Mint user here), i hope it's as good as it sounds.

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Skwad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Privacy-First Finance
No Bank Login Required
Skwad Scan Email
Financial Clarity
Spending Alerts
Instant Categorized Transactions
Uploads Old Transactions
Out-of-Place Transaction Alerts
Spending Pattern Analysis
Risk Identification
Bill and Subscription Tracking
Trusted Group Sharing
Spend Calendar
Transaction Enhancement with Receipts
Sync to Google Sheets
Transaction Splitting
Unlimited Scans
Automatic Categorization
Instant Sync
Transactions Export
Spending Data Export
Affordable Unlimited Scans
Split Transactions between Skwads
Realtime Sync to Google Sheets
Additional Scan Address per Skwad
Automatic Categorization Rules
Collaborative Expense Tracking


Limited to e-mail alerts
Manual transaction upload
Latency in transaction display
No direct bank integration
Requires manual spending alert setup
Limited group sharing
Synching only with Google Sheets
No live customer support
Subscription-based pricing


How does Skwad help me with money management?
How can I protect my financial privacy with Skwad?
What is the Skwad Scan Email Address and how does it work?
How does Skwad's spending tracker differ from other apps?
How can I understand and track my spending with Skwad?
How are transactions categorized in Skwad?
Does Skwad alert me about unusual spending patterns?
How does Skwad assist in identifying financial risks?
What features does Skwad provide for sharing transactions with a trusted group?
Can I split transactions within Skwad?
How can Skwad help me track bills and subscriptions?
What is the spend calendar functionality in Skwad?
Can I synchronize Skwad with Google Sheets?
Does Skwad use my sensitive bank details?
What type of alerts does Skwad offer for changes in my spending habits?
Does Skwad have an application? If yes, where can I download it?
How can I get a comprehensive financial overview using Skwad?
How does Skwad enhance transactions with receipts?
Can I set up direct spending alerts from my banks to Skwad?
How can Skwad help me maintain financial clarity without sharing my bank login details?

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