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Optimizing solar power plant operations
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Futr OS is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance the efficiency and profitability of solar power plants. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it streamlines plant operations, improves performance, and maximizes returns on investments.

The platform offers a range of smart features to optimize plant performance. It includes performance analytics, real-time root cause identification for underperformance, and cost reduction measures.

Futr OS provides comprehensive audit and inspection reporting, with detailed reports and visuals for actionable insights at a generational and inverter level.Additionally, the platform simplifies warranty management, easing the process of establishing warranty conditions during claims.

It also offers workflow and contract management, consolidating these tasks on a single dashboard.Futr OS automates module cleaning and maintenance activities, with reporting and notifications sent via WhatsApp.

It enables timely fault detection through user-defined alerts and temperature monitoring, minimizing downtime.The platform includes a remote monitoring center, allowing for the streamlined monitoring and analysis of entire portfolios on a single dashboard.

It also provides inventory management capabilities to identify real-time causes of underperformance and reduce costs.Furthermore, Futr OS facilitates commercials management by tracking and visualizing pending payments and invoices for financial stability.

It includes a next-generation performance enhancement and monitoring technology called FutrLogger, as well as a digital twin feature for asset lifecycle management and alerts.Futr OS is a cloud-based operating system that enables data-driven decision-making, automating processes, and enhancing performance to maximize returns on solar plant assets.

It offers clean dashboards, customizable alerts, and assists in better documentation and team management. The platform serves portfolio managers, plant managers, and ground engineers, providing them with efficient solutions and valuable insights.


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FutrOS was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Solar power plant efficiency
Streamlines plant operations
Maximizes returns on investments
Performance analytics
Real-time root cause identification
Cost reduction measures
Comprehensive audit reporting
Inspection reporting
Detailed reports and visuals
Generational and inverter level insights
Simplified warranty management
Workflow and contract management
Dashboard tasks consolidation
Automates module cleaning
Maintenance reporting and notifications
WhatsApp alerts
Timely fault detection
User-defined alerts
Temperature monitoring
Minimizes downtime
Remote monitoring center
Single dashboard portfolio overview
Inventory management capabilities
Commercial management
Tracking pending payments and invoices
Next-generation Performance enhancement technology
Digital twin feature
Asset lifecycle management
Cloud-based operating system
Data-driven decision-making
Automation of processes
Clean dashboards
Customizable alerts
Better documentation
Improved team management
Efficient solutions
Valuable insights provision
Plant performance tracking
Comprehensive financial visibility
Site crew task management
Productivity levels enhancement
Standard operating procedures
Automated inventory tracking
Monitoring spares, warranty
Insurance, warranty, files management
Diesel-petrol generator monitoring
Data logger linking
Suitable for plant managers
Suitable for ground engineers
Suitable for portfolio managers


Notification via WhatsApp only
No cross-platform mobile support
Fixed dashboard design
Limited warranty management tools
No multilingual support
Limited integration options
No video tutorial resources
Undefined security features
Depends on cloud connectivity
No offline mode


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What is the remote monitoring center feature in Futr OS?
Can Futr OS help in inventory management?
Does Futr OS have a commercial management feature?
How does the user-defined alerts system of Futr OS work?
Is Futr OS a cloud-based platform?
How does Futr OS assist in team and workflow management?
What kind of reports does Futr OS generate for audit and inspection?
Can Futr OS help in consolidating tasks on a single dashboard?
How does Futr OS help optimize the performance and returns on solar plant assets?
Do portfolio managers, plant managers, and ground engineers benefit from Futr OS?
How does Futr OS simplify warranty management?
Can Futr OS automate processes in a solar power plant?

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