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Enterprise chat enhancing productivity and security.
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ClearGPT is a generative AI platform specifically designed for enterprises facing challenges while using Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. It allows businesses to transform their operations by automating business processes, improving productivity, and enhancing the quality of their products by harnessing the power of AI.

ClearGPT is tailored to meet the unique data needs of each enterprise and offers high-level security, unparalleled model performance, customization, reduced running costs, and flexibility.

It offers a comprehensive solution to the inherent limitations of LLMs like security, performance, cost, data governance issues, and a lack of customization.

ClearGPT uses a feedback loop mechanism to learn and adapt to company-specific data needs. It deploys an enterprise chat agent that answers internal and external queries, giving executives the ability to utilize predictive business information more efficiently and naturally.

ClearGPT is a platform that is agnostic to any model types, making it a cost-effective and timesaving solution. It is suitable for businesses that value data privacy, security, and unmatched AI innovation across the enterprise.

It ensures zero data leakage by keeping data in-company while providing complete governance, privacy, and IP protection. It empowers businesses to outmaneuver competitors, create new AI revenue streams, and drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency at scale.


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Pros and Cons


Enterprise-specific data adaptation
High-level security
Reduced running costs
Model performance customization
Data governance solution
In-company data retention
IP protection
Platform agnostic
Enterprise chat agent
Efficient predictive business information
Model type flexibility
Human reinforcement feedback loop
Zero data leakage
Outmaneuver competitors
Improved efficiency at scale
Role-based access control
Company knowledge preservation
Containment of sensitive data
Improving models with fresh data
Powered by ClearML
Precise business results
Internal data model training
Removes vendor lock-ins
Allows data science teams utilization
Performance scalability
White-glove support
Support for existing tools
Quick onboarding
Intuitive interface
Fast time to market


Model training requires substantial data
Possible high running costs
Requires existing data science team
No initial compute investment
Potential privacy infringement
ClearGPT dependent on ClearML
No detailed technical specifications
Performance based on existing data
Limited customer service channels


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