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Game dev collab, bug fixing, feedback, decision-making
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COHEZION is an AI-driven tool that aims to strengthen the relationship between game developers and gamers. The Bug Reporting feature simplifies the process of reporting bugs within games, allowing gamers to submit detailed bug reports and essential information.

This enables efficient identification and tracking of in-game bugs, facilitating their timely resolution. The tool promotes transparency and accountability throughout the bug reporting cycle by enabling communication between gamers and studios.The Communication feature establishes a direct line of communication between game studios and gamers, regardless of the platform.

It enables open dialogue, feedback, and engagement between developers and gamers, while also delivering important notifications, event details, and patch notes.

The goal is to enhance customer support and recognize gamers for their contributions.COHEZION also offers a Continuous Feedback Loop feature that creates a seamless exchange of ideas, suggestions, and critiques between studios and gamers.

This empowers gamers to contribute to the development process, allowing game studios to prioritize roadmap decisions based on real-time feedback and player preferences.In development, COHEZION offers the AI Community Copilot feature, which enhances decision-making processes by combining human expertise with AI-driven predictions and analysis.

It leverages AI technology to assist studios in extrapolating expected outcomes, classifying critical in-game issues, and providing intelligent insights and recommendations based on aggregated data and community feedback.Lastly, the Community Analytics feature provides analytics and insights on trends, feature requests, and areas of improvement.

It helps game studios understand their player base on a deeper level, measure player satisfaction and sentiment, monitor community sentiment in real-time, and detect potential issues before escalation.Overall, COHEZION aims to foster better collaboration, feedback, and communication between game developers and gamers, leading to improved game development processes and enhanced gaming experiences.


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