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Premium financial data and portfolio analysis tool
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How would a 60% 40% basket of S&P futures & treasury futures have performed over the last year?
Can you chart EURUSD versus GDP data?
Please analyze an uploaded chart and provide insights?
Compare the performance of Apple with an S&P ETF since 2010?
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SigTech is a GPT that provides premium financial data and portfolio analysis. It is a tool designed to offer wide-ranging financial insights and market data analysis, traditionally used by leading hedge funds.

Developed by SIG Technologies Limited, SigTech has the capability to interface with the functionality of ChatGPT for extensive and more detailed analysis.The GPT is engineered to work on an assortment of financial data sets and analyze them in numerous ways.

With SigTech, users can anticipate how a concoction of various investment vehicles might have performed over a certain period. On top of this, it has the ability to compare the performance of specified assets with broader indices over selected timelines.SigTech also provides currency analysis, supporting users in charting currency pairs against GDP data for keen market insights.

In addition, this GPT possesses the expertise to analyze graphical data provided by users, supplying discerning insights that can inform investment decisions.Furthermore, SigTech is more than equipped to allow comparison of the performance of individual stocks with broader market indices since a given year.

In conclusion, SigTech is a GPT that offers comprehensive financial data analysis and portfolio analytics, thus proving a valuable tool for individuals and organizations looking to harness the power of AI in financial decision making.


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