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Data analysis and visualization solution.
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Julius is an AI tool designed to analyze structured data from spreadsheets, Excel files, and CSV files, and transform it into visual charts and uncover key trends.

With Julius, users can easily analyze any form of structured data by asking questions, and the AI will perform the analysis and provide insights. The tool also offers advanced features that allow users to perform complex analysis tasks such as Linear Regression, Modeling, Projections, and even create data animations.

One of the main benefits of using Julius is the ability to save time and effort by automating data preparation tasks. The tool offers a user-friendly interface where users can generate sleek visualizations to communicate their findings with confidence.

Users can also ask data-related questions and get instant answers, eliminating the need for manual data analysis. Julius allows users to export data into CSV or Excel formats for easy sharing and provides the option to create captivating data animations to bring data to life.

The tool also offers statistical modeling capabilities, giving users access to expert-level insights without the complexity typically associated with such analysis.In terms of data privacy, Julius ensures strict access control, with each user having access only to their own data in the secure notebook file storage.

User data is completely erased from the servers upon deletion.Julius offers a free version with limitations, allowing users to link up to two data sources, send seven messages per month, and export unlimited files.

Users can manage their plan on the subscription page to increase these limits. If users encounter any issues, the Julius support team is available to assist through email or the Help beacon on the tool's interface.


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Jan 12, 2024
Really good at creating nice charts and tables from an excel file based on text prompts. The best AI charting software I've come across, and I've tried a few different ones.
Feb 11, 2024
Hey Julian, I'd love for you to give a try. I'm running this project solo and I'd really appreciate any feedback.
Sep 1, 2023
A friend recommended me this tool and so far it's been pretty cool and easy to work with my Google Sheets
Feb 11, 2024
Hey! Feel free to try out. I just launched support of Excel
Sep 1, 2023
The data visualizations on Julius is really nice. You can prompt Julius for all sorts of charts. I've been using it for my powerpoint decks but I could also see it being useful for students creating assignments or presentations.
Sep 1, 2023
Great for slicing and exporting data. Basically ChatGPT Excel.

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Pros and Cons


Analyzes structured data
Automatic trend detection
Intuitive visual chart generation
User-friendly interface
Real-time data analysis
Complex analysis features
Efficient data preparation automation
Linear regression and modeling
Projection capabilities
Create data animations
Secure data privacy
User-specific access control
Data deletion from servers
Handles multiple data sources
CSV and Excel export function
Availability of free version
Responsive support team
Supports a variety of data formats
Offers statistical modeling
Instant answers to data queries
Supports multi-tab spreadsheets
Google Sheets support
Supports Postgres databases


Limited free version
Restrictions on data sources
Only structured data analysis
Limited message sending
No real-time support
Possible formatting issues
Exports only in CSV/Excel
No multi-language support
No mention of API
No third-party integrations


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Is Julius free to use or are there subscriptions?
Can I link multiple data sources to Julius?
Does Julius work with multi-tab spreadsheets?
What measures are in place to ensure data privacy in Julius?
How can I reach out to Julius support team in case of any issues?
What are the limitations of the free version of Julius?
Are there any tutorials or guides available to help me get started with Julius?
Does Julius offer statistical modeling capabilities?
What kind of data do I get access to with Julius?
What happens to my data on the servers when I delete it?
How can I share my analysis findings using Julius?

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