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Automated finance data analysis and reporting.
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Trullion is an AI-driven accounting oversight platform designed to streamline and enhance accounting processes, with a focus on revenue recognition, lease accounting, and audit workflows. Catering to accounting teams and auditors, Trullion aims to reduce risk, simplify tasks, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

The Trullion Platform leverages advanced data infrastructure and AI technology to automate and error-proof various accounting functions, from managing financial data to stakeholder reporting. Users can report revenue accurately, customize rules, and maintain compliance with standards such as ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

With a user-friendly approach, Trullion accelerates day-to-day accounting tasks, offering a dashboard for quick insights, minimal configuration requirements, seamless integration with financial systems, and automated alerts for attention-worthy issues. The platform's AI-powered financial accuracy involves blending proprietary models, third-party data, and forward-looking accounting perspectives to verify numbers against reporting and compliance requirements.

For auditors, Trullion provides an intuitive workflow tool to streamline and expedite audits. The platform encourages collaboration between auditors and accounting teams, facilitating efficient management of multiple clients.

Trullion integrates with various data sources, including CRM, billing, and ERP systems, allowing users to sync unstructured data such as spreadsheets and PDF contracts within a unified platform. The platform has garnered positive feedback for its AI capabilities, reducing reporting time and costs for users. Trullion positions itself as a reliable solution for accounting teams, auditors, and financial professionals seeking efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind in their accounting processes.

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