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ByAydin Efendi
Proactive Financial Data Analyst with Custom Alerts
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to keep you updated with customized financial alerts.
Sample prompts:
Alert me about significant market changes.
Notify me of major economic indicator shifts.
Update me on my portfolio performance.
Send news event alerts relevant to my investments.
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Data Analyst is a GPT designed to provide proactive financial analysis and alert updates. Drawing from various financial data sets, this tool is able to offer its users real-time insight into significant market changes, shifts in major economic indicators, and personalized portfolio performance.

It also has the capability to send out tailored news event alerts related to users' investments. The true value of the Data Analyst GPT is its proactivity in staying informed about relevant financial events and trends.

This enables users to make timely and informed decisions in managing their investments and general financial health. Furthermore, its custom alert feature gives the tool a personalized touch by keeping aligned with the user's specified investment portfolio and preferences.

With a primary focus on financial data analysis, the GPT onboards users with a message indicating readiness to provide updated, customized financial alerts.

Thereafter, it suggests several prompt starters such as 'Alert me about significant market changes,' 'Notify me of major economic indicator shifts,' 'Update me on my portfolio performance,' and 'Send news event alerts relevant to my investments.' Note that the usage of this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Anyone with financial interests, from novices to seasoned investors, can potentially find value in the financial insights provided by this skill. By utilizing this GPT tool, individuals will be equipped with the necessary real-time information to proactively respond to the financial world's ebbs and flows.


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Data Analyst was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 16th 2023.
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