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Financial management platform for startups.
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Truewind is an AI-powered tool that provides financial services for startups. It uses a combination of AI and concierge service to deliver accurate and reliable bookkeeping along with detailed financial models.

The platform helps in managing investors, building a financial plan with growth goals and expense targets, and delivering financial reports for investors.

With Truewind, startups can get their books closed in days rather than weeks for faster business decisions. Truewind's back office finance experience is delivered through a combination of AI and human intervention, allowing for unmatched accuracy and timely results.

The platform's concierge team works with finance experts to manage books and taxes, delivering a world-class support experience to customers. Truewind has been trusted by hyper-growth startups and has received positive reviews from various customers.Overall, Truewind is an impressive platform that provides a complete financial solution customized for the unique needs of startups.

It delivers accurate and timely reports with less errors, providing more transparency and faster monthly closes, leading to better-informed business decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Startup-focused financial solutions
Fast book closure
Detailed financial models
Startups investor management
Goal-based financial plans
Expense target setting
Financial reporting for investors
Unmatched accuracy in accounting
Reliable bookkeeping service
World-class customer support
Trusted by hyper-growth startups
Custom financial plans execution
Greater financial transparency
Raised funds handling
Shorter decision making cycle
Positive customer reviews
Back office financial management
Financial reports for VCs
Employee motivation through goals
Platform for investor relationships
Long-term partnership approach


No API integration
Limited to startups
Not multi-platform
No non-profit support
In-person customer service missing
Limited currency support
No real-time finance
Slow customer service response
Lacks technical guidance
Product complexity


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How does Truewind customize their financial solutions for different startups?

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