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Extending the life of QuickBooks with automated accounting.
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Docyt is an AI-powered accounting automation tool that aims to enhance the functionality of QuickBooks and other similar accounting platforms. It automates key accounting processes including spend management, revenue tracking, and ledger reconciliation, providing end-to-end bookkeeping automation.

The software includes various modules such as ExpenseFlow for expense management with features like bill pay, corporate card, expense reports, and receipt management.

RevFlow focuses on revenue reconciliation and accounting, offering accounts receivable, POS/PMS revenue tracking, and revenue system integrations. ClosingFlow helps with month-end closing by automating bank reconciliation, document management, and transaction categorization.

InsightFlow offers real-time financial reporting, KPI dashboard, ratios, and financial metrics. Docyt is designed for a range of industries including accounting firms, hospitality, retail & e-commerce, franchise management, restaurants, dental offices, and for high-growth startups.

The tool is designed to manage multi-location accounting and catch-up bookkeeping. Also, it comes with an AI Research Lab for model development, operations & responsible AI.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances QuickBooks functionality
Automates accounting processes
Spend management automation
End-to-end bookkeeping automation
ExpenseFlow for expense management
RevFlow for revenue reconciliation
ClosingFlow for month-end closing
InsightFlow for financial reporting
KPI dashboard
Modules for various operations
Ideal for multiple industries
Multi-location accounting
Catch-up bookkeeping feature
Manageable revenue tracking
Automated bank reconciliation
Integrated document management
Expense reports automation
Receipt management feature
Dental office suitability
Role in franchise management
E-commerce friendly
Designed for high-growth startups
Automated ledger reconciliation
Corporate card management
POS/PMS revenue tracking
Transaction categorization
Model development operations
Automated bill pay
Offers real-time reporting
Enhanced financial metrics
Relevant for hospitality industry
Expands QuickBooks' life
Supports revenue system integrations
RevFlow's accounts receivable management
ERP data migration
Adapts to industry-specific metrics
Departmental accounting and reporting
Industry-specific unit economics
Automated transaction matching
Automated transaction categorization
Document extraction and understanding
Catch-Up Bookkeeping services
Fast Month-End Close
Franchise accounting & reporting
Continuous revenue reconciliation


Requires QuickBooks integration
Lacks standalone functionality
No mention of multi-language support
No specified offline features
Limited POS system integrations
No specific error handling features
Limited coverage outside specific industries
Potentially complex for non-accounting users
No explicit data export features
No direct integration with payroll systems


What industries is Docyt designed for?
What specific functions does ExpenseFlow offer?
What is RevFlow used for in Docyt?
How does ClosingFlow aid in month-end closing?
What real-time financial reporting does InsightFlow offer?
What is the purpose of Docyt's AI Research Lab?
How does Docyt enhance the functionality of QuickBooks?
How does Docyt handle spend management?
In what way does Docyt automate ledger reconciliation?
Can Docyt manage multi-location accounting?
What is meant by 'catch-up bookkeeping' in the context of Docyt?
What advanced features does Docyt offer for revenue tracking?
Can Docyt integrate with POS/PMS for revenue tracking?
How does Docyt aid in automating bank reconciliation?
How does Docyt handle document management?
What key financial metrics can I track with Docyt?
Is Docyt suitable for high-growth startups?
How can Docyt's receipt management feature benefit my business?
Does Docyt support corporate card expense management?
How does Docyt handle transaction categorization?

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