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Revolutionize bookkeeping with AI-powered software.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered accounting software that aims to revolutionize bookkeeping for small to medium-sized businesses and self-employed professionals.

It operates like a skilled bookkeeper automating operations such as receipt processing, transaction compiling, and the recording of accounting journal entries. aims to deliver these services through simple, user-friendly prompts, enabling users to easily manage their accounting tasks without requiring extensive knowledge of accounting language.

Notably, automatically sorts receipts and records accounting journal entries, streamlining expenses tracking. The user interface is designed for easy review and confirmation of transactions, facilitating efficient and safe record management. also provides financial insights through a personalized dashboard, empowering users with the ability to make informed decisions. Other key features include automatic transaction logging and categorization for added convenience and versatility.

The system is designed to be straightforward, even for non-accountants, and aims to provide a simplified approach to bookkeeping tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Automates receipt processing
Compiles transactions automatically
Automates recording of accounting journal entries
User-friendly prompts
Automatically sorts receipts
Streamlines expenses tracking
Easy review of transactions
Efficient record management
Safe record management
Personalized dashboard with financial insights
Automatic transaction logging
Automatic transaction categorization
Designed for non-accountants
Simplified approach to bookkeeping
Creates reports automatically
Automatic interpretation of receipts
Efficient translation of prompts into structured data
Real-time financial data
Clear financial analysis
Automated categorization rules
Non-Accountant Mode for easier understanding
Upload invoices and receipts easily
Streamlines accounting responsibilities
Real-time financial insights
Small and medium-sized businesses targeted


No multi-currency support
Non-collaborative, single user
No mobile app available
Limited financial analysis
Non-integrated, standalone system
Lacks scalability for large businesses
No offline mode functionality
No third-party features integration
No custom categorization rules
Limited user interface customization


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What kind of financial insights does offer?
How are transactions logged and categorized in
Who is designed for primarily?
Does provide accounting journal entries record?
Is useful for self-employed professionals?
Does offer automatic transaction logging?
How does simplify bookkeeping tasks?
What financial information can I get from's personalized dashboard?
Do I need a basic understanding of accounting to use
Does have a feature to make it easy to review and confirm entries?
How can assist in account record management?
How does sort receipts?

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