Reinvent your Accounts Payable operations with leading AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI software designed to streamline accounting and accounts payable operations. Its chief features include autonomous invoice processing, which utilizes AI to take accounts payable processing to the next level, contributing to a substantial increase in productivity.

The software also features approval flows and purchase order (PO) matching, which enhances efficiency by detecting discrepancies across multi-line invoices and POs. also offers payments functionality that can turn accounts payable departments into profit centers, offering time savings, the potential for discounts, and reduced fraud risk.

The software offers ERP integrations, allowing for ingestion of master data and other information from any ERP system via an open API and common data models.

This gives finance leaders the flexibility to integrate into their existing workflows. is equipped with processing insights, providing real-time analytical insights on accounts payable processes, business trends, and team performance, thereby enabling informed decision-making.

It appeals to both enterprise and mid-market businesses across a variety of industries including business, insurance, hospitality, real estate, and education.

This adaptability speaks to the tools versatility.


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Pros and Cons


Autonomous invoice processing
Approval flows feature
Purchase order matching
Payments functionality
Potential for discounts
Reduced fraud risk
ERP integrations
Data ingestion from any ERP
Processing insights feature
Real-time analytics
Adaptable across industries
Suitable for enterprise businesses
Suitable for mid-market businesses
Real-time decision making insights
Potential increase in productivity
Open API
Common data models
Platform versatility
Autonomous PO Matching
Real-time business trend tracking
High processing accuracy
Fraud risk reduction
Improved AP efficiency
Streamlined approval processes
Customer support quality
Increased invoice processing capacity
ROI within 7 months
Enhanced workflow
Caters to multiple industries
Hands-on training and onboarding
History data training
Quick deployment
Data security commitment
SOC 2 type II certification
Streamlined Accounts Payable operations
Designed for finance leaders
Multi-line invoice discrepancy detection
Supplemental data ingestion


Complex implementation process
Accuracy hits after 10 days
Limited industry specializations
Focused on mid to large-size businesses
Unspecified data security measures
Lacks real-time customer service
No clear pricing structure
Dependent on open API for ERP integration
Limited guidance for financial decisions
Requires substantial historical data


What are the main features of
How does streamline accounting and accounts payable operations?
How can increase productivity in the accounts payable department?
How does the autonomous invoice processing feature work in
What is the purpose of the approval flows in
How does the PO matching feature of enhance efficiency?
How does's payment functionality turn accounts payable departments into profit centers?
How can help reduce fraud risks in my organization?
What type of ERP integrations does offer?
How does ingest data from other ERP systems?
How does support informed decision-making within my organization?
In what industries is most commonly used?
Can be integrated into my existing workflows?
What kind of analytics and insights can I expect from using
Can help increase the speed of my invoice processing activities?
Can detect discrepancies across multi-line invoices and purchase orders?
How flexible is the ERP integration feature of
What size businesses primarily use
Can assist with real-time decision-making in my business?
Is suitable for enterprise-level businesses?

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