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Investor onboarding, payment transfers, compliance.
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Owny is a financial technology tool that provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage their capital and banking needs. It offers AI-powered features to streamline processes related to private capital management, investors, and treasury.

The tool caters to various industries such as startups, private equity and venture capital funds, real estate, and more.For startups, Owny enables the management of SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and Convertible Notes using industry-standard templates.

It also offers AI tools for funds to onboard existing and new funds, using both standard and custom templates.The tool facilitates investment activities in real estate by allowing users to share listings, process contracts, and manage deposits for private real estate offerings.Investors can benefit from a private dashboard that provides dedicated accounts, investment management features, verifications, and more.Furthermore, Owny covers global payment transfers through its FX/ACH/Wire module, which manages outgoing and incoming payments linked to specific private offerings.The tool also offers back-office tools for transaction reporting, compliance management, and custom updates.

Users can track interest, sales activity, and inventory through interactive data analytics tools.Owny allows users to create and share agreements for seamless closing processes, payments, refunds, and other contractual activities.Additionally, the tool provides ongoing support through a dedicated team of specialists, ensuring a white-glove service experience for users and stakeholders.It is important to note that Owny is a financial technologies company, not a registered broker-dealer or a bank, and it does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice.

The platform partners with registered investment advisers to offer certain investing features, and all investment advisory services are provided by these third-party advisors.

Users should be aware of the potential bias due to the partnership when considering investment options. Investing involves risk, and projected or hypothetical performance should not be considered as guarantees of future investment outcomes.


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