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Document summarization and Q&A using conversation.
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Documind is an AI-powered document chatbot that helps users harness the power of GPT-4-128k AI to find answers to their questions from their uploaded documents. It enables users to upload entire documents, including textbooks, research papers, and product manuals, then utilize GPT language models to ask questions in a conversational way and receive human-like answers.

The tool provides natural language answers to questions and generates short and concise summaries of long documents with just a single click. Users can also share their PDF chatbot by generating a shareable link to their employees or friends, or add it to their website to allow visitors to ask questions from their uploaded PDFs.

One unique feature of Documind is that it provides AI-powered answers instead of just retrieval, which means that the tool utilizes keyword search and Documind chat to deliver customized solutions.

Documind offers various pricing plans starting from free with a limited number of chat credits, and users can upgrade when they need more. The company prioritizes data security, which is maintained and secured in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For individual users, the tool doesn't require any technical knowledge, but for businesses, custom solutions are provided based on requirements. Documind also supports admin roles, employee level multi-hierarchy access, and control over which departments can access which documents.

Overall, Documind is a useful tool that enables users to save time and get solutions by utilizing AI to find answers to their questions from their documents.

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Apr 10, 2024
looks good. i tried it summarize my research paper and it gave short bullet points
Dec 10, 2023
I work with a large volume of documents. Documind is my salvation. The truly affordable price, speed, and quality of the chat result are impressive
Jul 18, 2023
So far it's met all my needs: fast, no document size limits, workable trial, multiple documents.

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Documind was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 18th 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Document chatbot functionality
Supports bulk document upload
Uses GPT language models
Conversational Q&A
Generates document summaries
Shareable chatbot link
Website integration for chatbot
Keyword search for answers
Admin roles and hierarchies
Multi-department document control
Free plan available
Numerous pricing options
EU's GDPR compliant
Custom solutions for businesses
Support for self-hosted versions
Advanced data security
GPT for document comprehension
Human-like answer generation
Segmented doc accessibility by roles
Amicable for non-tech users
Student-friendly for study materials
Useful for legal document analysis
Ideal for product manual reviews
Easy to set up
Saves time in document analysis
Easy document question-asking
Early feature access for paid plans


Limited free chat credits
No self-hosted version currently
Technical knowledge required for businesses
Restricted document access for employees
Dependent on JavaScript
Cannot connect to apps yet
Not all plans have early feature access
Limited number of PDFs in plans
Hierarchy access setup might be complex
Potentially expensive for larger usage


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What is the technology behind Documind?
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What is the 'sharing feature' in Documind?
How can I share my Documind PDF chatbot?
What is the document summarization feature in Documind?
How is the data security in Documind ensured?
How many documents can I upload using different pricing plans of Documind?
How does the free version of Documind differ from the paid versions?
What does 'AI-powered answers' mean in the context of Documind?
How can I add a Documind chatbot to my website?
Does Documind require any technical knowledge to use?
What are the custom solutions available for businesses in Documind?
What is Documind's policy regarding GDPR?
How does Documind handle chat credits?
What does it mean to 'connect Documind to the apps I already use'?
What kind of access controls do I get in Documind?
Is there a self-host version of Documind available?

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