Q&A 02 Mar 2023

Generated by GPT-3

ChatPDF is an AI tool that enables users to chat with a PDF document in a conversational format. Users can talk to books, research papers, manuals, essays, legal contracts, or any PDF they have without the need for sign-in.

This tool creates a semantic index for every paragraph in the PDF file before answering the user's questions. ChatPDF utilizes a text-generation AI model comparable to ChatGPT to understand the content of the PDF file and provide relevant responses.

ChatPDF is useful for quickly extracting information from large PDF files, enabling users to save time writing notes or summaries. This AI tool enables one to interact with PDF documents in a human-like conversational format.

However, ChatPDF may not be able to understand images within the PDFs, and it might struggle with questions that require understanding more than a few paragraphs simultaneously.

The user's data is saved in a secure cloud storage and deleted after 7 days, ensuring data privacy. ChatPDF contributes to the AI revolution by making documents intelligent and enabling users to interact with them in unprecedented ways.


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