Document Q&A 13 Mar 2023
Streamlined PDF simplification through chat.

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PDFGPT.IO is an AI tool that simplifies PDF files by enabling chat-based interaction with them. With this tool, users can easily get quick answers to their PDF-related queries via the chat feature.

The tool provides a simple and streamlined workflow for managing PDFs, enabling users to upload their files and simplify them with ease, for free. However, there is a limit of uploading files with less than 1000 pages for the free version.

For business purposes, users can contact PDFGPT.IO via email. One of the key features of PDFGPT.IO is its changeable API key, which users can easily change from the platform.

The tool also offers recently uploaded files for quick reference and offers a light and dark mode option for users. PDFGPT.IO provides useful resources for users to explore the features of the tool further.

These include a demo video, an invitation to join a Discord channel for support, a Twitter page to stay updated, and a form to become a partner. The tool offers a privacy policy that outlines its data handling practices and a Terms of Service agreement for its use.

Overall, PDFGPT.IO is a handy tool for anyone who regularly works with PDF files. It offers a simplified workflow for managing PDFs and a chat feature to get quick answers to common queries, making it a valuable addition to any AI tools directory.

PDFGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chat-based PDF interaction
Streamlined PDF management
Free PDF simplification
Changeable API key
Displays recent files
Light and dark modes
Detailed demo video
Discord channel support
Twitter updates
Partnership opportunities
Transparent privacy policy
Customer engagement on Twitter
Bug report feature
Business purpose upgrades
Early access availability


No mobile version
Limited to 1000 pages
No Live Support
API key changeable only
Dark mode not comprehensive
Recent file list limited
No inbuilt bug reporting
Limited to pdf files
No multilingual support
Manual API key setup required


What is PDFGPT.IO?
How does PDFGPT.IO simplify PDF files?
What is the chat-based interaction feature of PDFGPT.IO?
How can I upload files to PDFGPT.IO?
Is there a limit to the number of pages I can upload to PDFGPT.IO?
How can I contact PDFGPT.IO for business purposes?
What do you mean by a changeable API key in PDFGPT.IO?
How can I see my recently uploaded files in PDFGPT.IO?
What is the light and dark mode option in PDFGPT.IO?
What resources does PDFGPT.IO provide for further exploration of the tool?
How can I join the PDFGPT.IO Discord channel for support?
Where can I find the demo video for PDFGPT.IO?
How do I stay updated with PDFGPT.IO on Twitter?
How can I report a bug in PDFGPT.IO?
How can I become a partner with PDFGPT.IO?
Where can I find the Terms of Service for PDFGPT.IO?
Does PDFGPT.IO have a privacy policy?
Where can I access the 'Upload File' feature on PDFGPT.IO?
Is PDFGPT.IO free to use?
How can I get early access to PDFGPT.IO?

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