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Chat with PDFs, extract information, and generate summaries.
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goPDF is an AI-powered tool that facilitates smoother document workflows through a range of services. It offers interactivity with PDF documents for collaborative work, quick assistance and engaging training.

Its API services provide capabilities such as converting HTML to PDF with your HTML content or hosted HTML with template variables. Screenshots of websites can be captured in different formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, and MP4.

The tool also enables interaction with a web address for prompt assistance, content summarising, or custom Chatbot creation. Its Document Workflow service allows the creation of a Doc file for different needs like programmatically converting it to PDF or sending emails, and it includes an AI writer.

Other services include PDF OCR, Image OCR, and PDF to Images. These functionalities can be accessed both through a web interface for daily productivity enhancement or via APIs for enhancing applications.

The software is also adept at simplifying legal terminologies in documents for better understanding and discussions. Document editing and AI content generation are part of its feature-set providing a similar experience to Microsoft Word with correction of grammar, rephrasing sentences, and length adjustment.


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Apr 30, 2024
I recently tried this PDF chat application, which was very user-friendly. The provided answers were very accurate and focused on the source document only. I am also exploring PDF conversion, and so far, it seems like a convenient tool for communication and document conversion.
Apr 24, 2024
I like it. It answers simple questions accurately and by the book. The Ref (reference) page is not usually accurate though. I'll keep you updated on how it responds to complex questions.

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Pros and Cons


Interactivity with PDFs
HTML to PDF conversion
Capture website screenshots
Formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, MP4
Chat with URL function
Document Workflow service
PDF OCR service
Image OCR service
PDF to Images function
Web and API access
Simplifies legal terminologies
Document editing feature
Chatbot integration
Microsoft Word-like experience
Grammar correction
Sentence rephrasing
Length adjustment
Responsive Layout
Customize PDF source with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Automatic email sending of PDFs
Wide API access
Plug and play integration
No boilerplate codes
Interactive Conversations with PDF
Application assistant creation
Supports all programming languages
Postman Collections
Privacy and data security
GDPR compliance
Programmatic PDF generation
Servers in EU
Dynamic data set defining
Free hosting in HTML/DOC editor
Access to 100+ Templates
Automatic screen scrolling for webpage capture
Supports high-quality Retina Display
Supports lazy-loaded images
Option for custom delays
Document conversion


Doesn't support non-PDF formats
Limited audio interaction
Dependent on internet connection
Complex dynamic variables setup
Limited editing capabilities
No offline capabilities
Limited template customization
Doesn't include Word
OCR accuracy unspecified
No multi-language support


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