Document Q&A 22 Mar 2023
Reads documents and answers queries.

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ChaturGPT is an AI-powered document reader that allows users to ask questions about any type of PDFs, such as textbooks, research papers, or tax reports, and get instant answers.

The tool can extract important information from documents without having to sift through endless pages, and offers the option to summarize or chat with the documents for a better understanding of the essential information.

ChaturGPT's answer formatting is tailored to the document, facilitating easy access to information without having to read through the entire document.

Users can upload any kind of PDF, from code documentation to legal documents, and customize their queries, or use suggested questions provided by the tool.

ChaturGPT finds and delivers the best possible answers to the user's questions, optimizing work and saving time. ChaturGPT follows enterprise-grade security protocols, ensuring that uploaded documents and data are secure and deleted once they are processed or the user closes the tool.

The tool has garnered positive reviews from a diverse group of users, including students, legal professionals, CXOs and academicians. ChaturGPT is made with love by Mystic Labs, a trusted company in India and USA.

Overall, ChaturGPT enables easy and efficient document reading and comprehension through the power of AI, saving time and energy while ensuring privacy and security.

ChaturGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Reads any PDF type
Instant answers to queries
Intelligent information extraction
Offers document summaries
Chat feature for better understanding
Answer formatting tailored to document
Customizable user queries
Suggested questions option
Optimizes work efficiency
Time-saving tool
Follows enterprise-grade security protocols
Data deleted post-processing
Secures user data
Diverse user-based feedback
Textbook, research, tax report compatibility
Code, legal document reading
Facilitates simple document comprehension
Mystic Labs trusted developers
Useful for students, professionals
Privacy prioritized
User-friendly interface
Positive user reviews
Got covered all PDF types
Allow to use custom queries
Summarizes or chats with document


PDF only
No offline functionality
No multi-language support
Cannot parse images
Limited document size
No real-time collaboration
Questions customization limitations
Strict dependency on formatting
Cannot handle complex queries


What is ChaturGPT?
What types of documents can ChaturGPT handle?
How does ChaturGPT provides answers?
Can I upload code documentation or legal documents in ChaturGPT?
What is the unique feature about ChaturGPT's answer formatting?
Can I ask customized queries to ChaturGPT?
What security protocols does ChaturGPT follow for data privacy?
How does ChaturGPT delete the user data?
Who are the targeted users of ChaturGPT?
What company developed ChaturGPT?
Can ChaturGPT be used for free?
What user reviews has ChaturGPT received?
Can ChaturGPT summarize documents?
Can ChaturGPT work with foreign language documents?
Is there a file size limit to the PDFs or documents that can be uploaded to ChaturGPT?
How does ChaturGPT help with quick document comprehension?
Does ChaturGPT offer any user support or tutorials?
Can ChatuGPT handle multiple documents at once?
Can ChaturGPT provide answers from different sections in a single document?
Can ChaturGPT also extract information from images or diagrams in the documents?

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