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Brings documents to life, letting you ask questions and get summaries.
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AskThePDF, also known as FragDasPDF, is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate the process of deriving useful information from PDF documents. This tool allows users to upload their PDF documents and then interact with them through a question-and-answer format.

Users can ask a variety of questions related to their documents, from seeking specific information to requesting general overviews. The answers provided are coupled with a source reference, allowing users to verify the response's location within the PDF document.

This makes AskThePDF an ideal tool for saving time when handling extensive documents, such as contracts or financial reports. All languages are supported, making it a generalized solution for understanding complex documents.

Furthermore, the tool is designed with a commitment to privacy, as demonstrated by its 'Privacy by design' feature. For ease of use, the service is available online with a user-friendly interface.

AskThePDF has secured its place as an invaluable tool for professionals, students and individuals who regularly need to quickly find and understand information within dense PDF documents.

Its a tool for those who value efficiency, precision, and time savings.


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May 2, 2024
Way better than most Chat with PDF tools I tried

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AskThePDF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Can analyze dense PDFs
Uses a Q&A format
Source reference with answers
Supports all languages
Commitment to user privacy
Available online
User-friendly interface
PDF interactions feature
Integrates Text analytics
Efficient document management
Provides content insights
Information extraction capabilities
Automates data entry
Privacy by design
Information accessibility
Useful for diverse users
Time saving tool
Ensures precision
Generates summaries of PDFs
Recognizes and learns languages
Fast customer support
Ease of uploading documents
Simplifies data finding process
Adaptable to many industries
Helpful in studying
Useful in legal work
Efficient for financial report analysis
Aids manual understanding
Assistance in rental contracts
Helps in understanding terms and conditions
Works with over 60 languages
Helps navigate through scripts
Easy deletion of uploaded PDFs


No offline version
Limited to PDF format
Requires internet connection
No mobile application
Saved data privacy concerns
Dependent on accurate PDF text
Potential language translation inaccuracies
No multi-document support
No documented file size limit


What is AskThePDF?
How does AskThePDF work?
Can AskThePDF process documents in languages other than English?
How accurate is the information extraction in AskThePDF?
What are the main features of AskThePDF?
How does AskThePDF handle complex PDF documents?
How does AskThePDF maintain user privacy?
Is AskThePDF only available as an online service?
Can I upload multiple documents at once in AskThePDF?
Does AskThePDF provide a source reference for each output?
Do I need any special software to use AskThePDF?
What types of documents is AskThePDF especially useful for?
What benefits does AskThePDF provide for professionals?
What is 'Privacy by Design' in the context of AskThePDF?
Is AskThePDF suitable for academic research?
Can AskThePDF help me with contracts analysis?
How does AskThePDF help in quickly understanding financial reports?
Can AskThePDF help students in extracting information from study materials?
What types of questions can I ask with AskThePDF?
How user-friendly is AskThePDF's interface?

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