Document Q&A 30 Jun 2023
Enhancing interactions with a personalized assistant.

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Kalami is an intuitive application that enables users to interact with OpenAI's GPT-4 in a uniquely personalized way. By uploading their own data, users can enhance the AI's contextual understanding and generate more relevant and context-aware responses.

The tool supports the upload of text files or CSV files, making it suitable for providing large amounts of textual information or structured data and question-and-answer pairs.Kalami offers several features to boost AI conversations, including the ability to seamlessly train and personalize chats without the need for APIs or third-party services.

It supports various file types such as PDF files, enabling comprehensive content support and usage as context. Additionally, users can share URLs of data sources with Kalami, allowing it to visit and leverage them as contextual references.

Copying and pasting text content is also possible for Kalami to incorporate as context during discussions.The tool is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical knowledge or API integration.

It can be used in various applications, including research, data analysis, content creation, education, entertainment, software development, and customer service.

Kalami prioritizes data security and privacy, employing stringent protocols to ensure the protection of user data.As users continue to upload data and provide context, Kalami improves over time by delivering more accurate and relevant responses.

Regular updates and improvements are made based on user feedback. Users can access customer support for any questions, concerns, or feedback they may have.

Kalami was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports text and CSV upload
Supports various file types
Accepts data URLs
Allows text copying and pasting
No need for API integration
Useful in multiple applications
Prioritizes data security and privacy
Improves over time
Regular updates
Customer support available
Enables seamless chat training
Enables PDF support
Allows API request configuration
Incorporates data from external sites
Designed for user-friendliness
Supports dynamic context
Planning Github repo import
No technical knowledge required
Supports Google Drive upload
Encourages data upload


Only supports text, CSV, PDF
Requires data upload for personalization
Cannot pull dynamic context natively
Limited to GPT-4 implementation
Missing API request feature
Github and Google Drive support pending
Data size limitations
No real-time data interaction
Requires installation of Chrome extension


What is Kalami?
How does Kalami work?
What data types can I upload to Kalami?
Can Kalami use my data from external sites?
Do I need any technical knowledge to use Kalami?
Is my data secure with Kalami?
Can Kalami be used for content creation?
Can I use Kalami for customer service?
How does Kalami improve over time?
Are there any APIs required to use Kalami?
Can I copy and paste text content for Kalami to use as context?
Does Kalami support PDF files?
What uses does Kalami have in research and data analysis?
How does Kalami personalize AI conversations?
Does Kalami have an API request module?
What are the files types supported by Kalami?
Does Kalami offer an option to import Github repository content?
Can I upload document from my Google Drive to Kalami?
How does customer support work for Kalami?
How can I install Kalami?

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