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Chat with documents.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! What document-based question can I assist with?
Sample prompts:
What does the document say about...
Based on the document, how many...
Can you find information on...
Using only the document, explain...
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ChatDoc is a GPT offered by that offers an advanced conversational interaction with documents. It operates on the ChatGPT platform and requires ChatGPT Plus for functionality.

This GPT enables users to ask document-based questions. It effectively handles queries related to specific content within a certain document. For instance, users may ask 'What does the document say about...' or 'Can you find information on...'.

ChatDoc then navigates through the document and provides the required information based on its content. It is designed to assist users in understanding and interpreting the content of various documents, thereby enhancing their productivity.

To access ChatDoc's services, users are required to sign up on It's a great tool for individuals and businesses seeking effective ways to extract and understand information from text-based documents.

The precise functionality of ChatDoc can vary, and is constantly being improved upon by the team at PromptBoom.


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ChatDoc was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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