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Humata is a sophisticated AI tool designed to empower users by extracting insights from uploaded data files swiftly and efficiently. It shines in processing and summarizing complex documents, providing users with readily comprehensible information.

Humata can be used to compare documents, search for responses, and highlight citations, enhancing the trustworthiness and traceability of the obtained insights.

These capabilities make it invaluable for handling technical papers and other long-form content. Additionally, the users can freely ask questions and get the AI to modify the summary until they are satisfied, akin to interacting with a chat-based AI model.

To increase accessibility, Humata's functionality can be embedded directly into webpages, enabling users to unlock answers from previously siloed documents.

For added security, the tool uses enterprise-grade encryption and offers role-based security options, along with a single sign-on functionality. Humata's business model is based on various pricing tiers, catered to fit various requirements, from students to large-scale teams.

The platform is designed to be highly adaptive, allowing easy modification of the subscription plan based on the users' evolving needs.

Humata was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


File Q&A capabilities
Instant answers
100x faster research
Summarizes complex documents
Data extraction from files
Report creation
Quick legal document analysis
Automatically generates new writing
Free and premium versions
Embedded into webpages
Single sign-on
Technical papers evaluation
Long-form content analysis
Document comparison
Response search
Citation highlighting
Role-based security options
Enterprise-grade encryption
Various pricing tiers
Unlimited file uploads
Cited links in answers
Unlimited questions
Webpage embed
Secured private cloud
Encrypted at rest
Department & folder level permissions
OCR images & scanned text
Response personalization
Flexible subscription plan
Free trial version
Can modify subscription anytime
User-friendly interface
Can handle long technical papers


Limited to text documents
No voice interaction
No multilingual support
No offline mode
Potential privacy issues
Limited free version
Usage-based pricing
Lacks real-time collaboration
Slow with large files
Complex setup for non-techies


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Does Humata offer a free version?
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