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DocsGPT Live, powered by Arc53, is an open-source assistant designed to facilitate instant answers about documents. This AI tool focuses on enhancing team productivity and customer engagement by seamlessly integrating with various data sources, chatbots, and internal tools.

Its adaptability allows for the efficient extraction of information from different types of documents, including PDFs, text files, Microsoft files, and more.DocsGPT provides a user-friendly interface where users can select the library of documentation they wish to use and enter queries related to that specific documentation.

The tool then utilizes GPT-3, Faiss, and LangChain to generate highly relevant answers based on the provided data.Privacy and data security are of utmost importance to DocsGPT.

The tool boasts secure data storage and implements privacy measures to guarantee the protection of sensitive information. Additionally, as an open-source project, DocsGPT promotes transparency and collaboration by freely sharing its source code, allowing developers to contribute, enhance, and customize the tool according to their needs.To get started with DocsGPT, users are required to provide an OpenAI API key for access.

While DocsGPT currently supports OpenAI, the tool is expected to support additional APIs in the future.Overall, DocsGPT is a reliable chatbot that leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to provide immediate answers and insights from various document sources, all while emphasizing data security and open collaboration.

DocsGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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