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Converse: Your Personal AI Powered Reading Companion

Step into a redefined reading journey with Converse, your new AI-powered reading buddy. Tailored to enrich your content interaction, Converse effortlessly amalgamates saving, summarizing, and interactive chatting with web articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos. Engage in a reading experience where you instantly distill the essence of content through incisive executive summaries and key takeaways, potentially slicing your reading and viewing time by up to 80% with our detailed summaries.

Immerse yourself in content, exploring specific document sections, and indulge in our unique document chat feature. Engage in lively conversations with your saved content, asking questions and receiving pinpoint answers with source references, ensuring your understanding is both deep and precise.

Organize with finesse using Converse's library and collections feature, ensuring your web articles and PDFs are not only permanently stored but also categorically organized for swift retrieval and continuity in your reading adventures.

Go social with Converse’s sharing and interaction capabilities. Share your saved articles and their ensuing interactions with your network, inviting them into a collaborative and interactive reading experience.
Converse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 4th 2023.
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