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Manage digital documents with Q&A chat.
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ChatDox is an AI-powered solution that simplifies the way users interact with their documents. With ChatDox, users can import any type of document and receive instant answers to their queries within seconds.

ChatDox supports various document formats, including PDF, DOCX, TXT, and CSV, and offers a user-friendly interface for easy document management.One of the key features of ChatDox is its Support Chat GPT 3.5 & 4.

This feature ensures accurate and efficient answers to users' queries. Chat GPT 4 also offers improved language processing capabilities for the most precise results.Another vital feature of ChatDox is its digital library, which enables document storage and organization in one place.

With this, users can easily retrieve documents and ensure efficient document management.ChatDox supports multiple languages, making it easy to understand documents in different languages.

Additionally, the software has a feature that allows for the simultaneous questioning of a group of documents, which takes document analysis to the next level.ChatDox's pricing plans are designed to cater to individuals, students, businesses, and scholars.

The software offers a free trial that allows users to ask up to five questions for free without registering with their credit card information.Overall, ChatDox is a powerful and easy-to-use document management solution that saves time, improves efficiency, and offers accurate answers to users' queries.


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Chatdox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports various document formats
User-friendly interface
Support chat GPT 3.5 & 4
Precise language processing capabilities
Digital library for document storage
Supports multiple languages
Simultaneous questioning of multiple documents
Individuals, students, businesses, and scholars targeted
Free trial available
Queries answered within seconds
Real-time live support
Custom API integration
Supports secure confidential cloud storage
Variable pricing plans
Email and Google account logins
Provides relevant references and page numbers
Annual plans with 10% discount
High level of accuracy guaranteed
Slower response times during high demand acknowledged
Supports specific information search within documents
Pricing plan based question limit


Limited free trial
Subscription for basic features
Closed source
No API integration
File size restrictions
Limited daily queries
Potentially slow in high demand
English-centric despite multilingual claim
Lacks versioning for documents
Reliance on external cloud services


What is ChatDox?
What kind of documents does ChatDox support?
What is the Support Chat GPT 3.5 & 4 feature in ChatDox?
What is the digital library feature in ChatDox?
What languages does ChatDox support?
How can ChatDox analyze multiple documents simultaneously?
What is the pricing structure for ChatDox?
Is there a free trial available for ChatDox?
Does ChatDox offer real-time support?
Can ChatDox assist teachers, students, businesses, and scholars?
How does ChatDox work?
What is the limit on document upload size in different ChatDox plans?
What is the limit of questions that can be asked per day in different pricing plans of ChatDox?
Can you ask questions from a group of documents in ChatDox?
Is there an API integration available for ChatDox?
Is there a multi-user option in ChatDox?
How secure is document storage in ChatDox?
What document formats are supported by ChatDox?
How does the ChatDox document analysis process work?
What are the benefits of using ChatDox for businesses?

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