Document Q&A 07 Jul 2023
Enhances knowledge and support with Q&A docs.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes documentation processes. It is designed to enhance knowledge management and customer support by providing efficient, accurate, and accessible documentation.

With AskMyDocs, users can receive precise and instant answers directly from their own documents.The tool offers various integrations to enhance its functionality.

It can integrate with platforms such as Zendesk, Gitbook, Sitemap, PDF, Slack, and Chatbot. By linking, training, and asking, users can transform their knowledge bases, repositories, websites, and PDF files into intelligent resources that provide instant and intelligent responses.AskMyDocs aims to be platform-agnostic, ensuring that documentation is easily accessible regardless of the platform being used.

It provides simple pricing plans suitable for businesses of all sizes, with options for free and paid plans. The tool also offers customization options for embedded chatbots and features based on specific needs.Getting started with AskMyDocs is straightforward.

Users can create a free account or opt for a complimentary 30-minute white-glove service to facilitate the setup process. The tool allows users to ask questions and receive accurate answers without interrupting their workflow or requiring additional logins.AskMyDocs encourages user feedback through its feedback button on every page, aiming to continuously improve the tool with each update.

Although currently integrated with Zendesk and Gitbook, AskMyDocs also plans to integrate with ReadMe, Docusaurus, and other platforms in the future.

AskMyDocs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Precise, instant answers
Various integrations
Simple pricing plans
Free and paid options
Customization options for chatbots
White-glove setup service
Non-interruptive workflow
User feedback encouraged
Future integrations planned
PDF searchable database
Resource savings calculator
Free starter plan
Integrates with Zendesk
Integrates with Gitbook
Embed anywhere
Turns websites into documentation
Slack integration
Turns PDFs into databases
Supports multiple languages
No coding required
Built-in chat tool
Can embed chatbot on website
Email support in starter plan
Custom features in Enterprise plan


Specific integrations currently limited
Limited analytics on lower-tier plans
Custom features only available in enterprise plan
Unspecified limits for 'custom questions'
Limited customer support channels mentioned
Doesn't offer multilingual support
No support for private documentation
Setup can require white-glove service


What is AskMyDocs?
How does AskMyDocs work?
What kind of documents can be integrated into the AskMyDocs tool?
How does AskMyDocs ensure accuracy in its responses?
How does AskMyDocs help in enhancing customer support?
Which platforms does AskMyDocs integrate with?
What sort of customization does AskMyDocs offer?
How easy is it to set up AskMyDocs?
How does the AskMyDocs feedback system work?
Is it possible to use AskMyDocs regardless of the platform being used?
What are the pricing plans for AskMyDocs?
What is the white-glove service that AskMyDocs offers?
What platforms is AskMyDocs planning to integrate in the future?
What is the significance of AskMyDocs chatbot feature?
What sort of businesses can benefit from using AskMyDocs?
Can I embed AskMyDocs chatbot into my website?
How can I provide feedback about AskMyDocs?
Does AskMyDocs support multiple languages?
What is the process to ‘ask my documents’ using AskMyDocs?
Do I need any technical skills to use AskMyDocs?

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