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Engage, support, and convert with intelligent chatbots.
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Zappr AI is a platform designed to build custom chatbots for websites effortlessly, with no coding required. These advanced, intelligent chatbots seamlessly integrate with existing platforms, enabling businesses to streamline and boost sales and support operations.

Through Zappr's AI-driven chatbots, businesses can engage, support, and convert customers more effectively. The chatbots have capabilities to understand and process a variety of information formats, including PDFs and images, thereby providing precise and instant information to customers.

All the while, these functionalities aim to reduce human resource costs and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, Zappr AI chatbots excel in managing scheduling and lead capturing tasks.

They are proficient in booking appointments and nurturing leads, further assisting businesses in driving conversions and increasing marketing efficiencies.

The platform offers unified chat systems capable of integration with various applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. Relevantly, Zappr AI also provides tailored solutions like ready-to-use CRM with lead sync and capture, streamlined customer support with Zendesk, Jobber integration for easy appointments, and supports over 100 languages.

With all these advanced capabilities, Zappr AI aims to offer 24/7 global customer service, thus increasing customer satisfaction rates.


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Pros and Cons


Customized chatbots creation
Analyzes various document formats
Contextual document understanding
Uses NLP algorithms
Understands language nuances
Accurate answers efficiently
Advanced search techniques
User-friendly interface
Two types of bots
Flexible pricing plans
Increase productivity and efficiency
Boost sales and support
Seamless platform integration
PDFs and images processing
Reduces human resource costs
Manages scheduling tasks
Lead capturing skills
Multi-platform chat integration
Ready-to-use CRM
Unified chat systems
Jobber integration for appointments
Supports over 100 languages
24/7 global customer service
Custom brand crafting
No coding required
Increased customer satisfaction rates
3x faster resolutions
97%+ customer satisfaction
2x lead qualification speed
7x marketing efficiency
41% conversion rates
Streamlined customer support with Zendesk
GDPR compliant
Free plan available
1-click website connection
API connections
Increases lead generation
Tripled satisfaction rate


No offline functionality
Limited free plan
No coding required could limit customization
Limited supported integrations
Only supports 100 languages
Dependent on document quality for processing
Requires frequent data input
Can't process video or audio files
Limited to Zendesk for streamlined customer support
Potential GDPR challenges with customer data


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How can Zappr.AI chatbots streamline sales and support operations?
How does Zappr.AI help in scheduling and lead capturing?
What applications can Zappr.AI chatbots integrate with?
Does Zappr.AI provide CRM solutions?
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Is Zappr.AI GDPR compliant?
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Can Zappr.AI be used for appointment booking?
How does Zappr.AI deal with information contained in images?
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