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Invites inquiries post-upload, no summaries.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Upload a document and then type your question or command. Ready to begin?
Sample prompts:
Type your question or command based on the uploaded document.
What would you like to know about the uploaded content?
Ask anything related to your uploaded document.
Have a question about the document? Type it here.
Ready to explore your document? Start by typing your question.
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SearchDocAI is a GPT that simplifies the process of inquiry and information extraction from uploaded documents. It functions by allowing users to submit any queries or commands related to the contents of their uploaded document.

By eliminating the need for manual summaries, it facilitates quick and effortless interaction with text documents. After uploading a document, users can then pose questions or commands pertaining to the information within the content.

This GPT is particularly useful for intensive document exploration and understanding, as it saves users the time and effort to read through content and find relevant details.

Whether the user needs data from a particular section or wants broader understanding, the tool makes it possible to do so quickly and accurately. It is important to note that usage of SearchDocAI requires to have the ChatGPT Plus.

The process of using this tool begins with a welcome message where users are invited to start their inquiry after they have uploaded their document. Users then have the freedom to type their questions or commands based on the content within the document.

There are several prompt starters provided to guide users on how to interact with the tool effectively. The versatility of SearchDocAI makes it an efficient tool for a wide range of users working with text-based documents across different industries.


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SearchDocAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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