Document Q&A 28 Jul 2023
iQ Suite
Docs transformed to insights via analysis & summary.

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IQ Suite is a suite of AI-powered applications designed to transform data into knowledge through AI-driven document analysis. The suite offers several features to enhance document understanding, including document analysis, smart summarization, and dynamic data presentation.

With the document analysis feature, users can upload PDF documents and craft queries to unlock document insights. The suite utilizes a revolutionary language model that not only reads but understands the documents, allowing it to extract crucial information and delve into details that may not be readily apparent.

The smart summarization feature generates concise and comprehensive summaries of documents, enabling users to quickly understand the content without having to read through lengthy reports or technical papers.

IQ Suite also includes dynamic data presentation, which automatically detects and extracts data from documents and presents it in clear and easy-to-understand charts and tables.

This feature eliminates the need for manual data extraction and analysis, allowing users to quickly grasp the meaning behind the numbers.The suite is industry-agnostic, providing valuable insights and benefits across various sectors.

Additionally, it offers RestAPI based integration, enabling connectivity with other applications with minimal effort.Furthermore, IQ Suite can be customized to meet specific organizational needs, including tailored solutions based on industry, document formats, and desired data extraction and insights.Overall, IQ Suite is a powerful tool that empowers users to unlock the meaning in their documents, make informed decisions, and enhance their data analysis capabilities.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms data into knowledge
Enhanced document understanding
Smart summarization feature
Dynamic data presentation
Automated data extraction
Clear data visualization
REST API integration
Customizable tool
Queries to unlock insights
Extracts crucial information
Detailed reports
Interactive charts and tables
Minimal manual intervention
Custom solutions per industry
Versatile document format support
Eliminates need for lengthy reading
Robust data security measures
User data encryption
Access control implementation
Compatible with various applications
Financial data analytics
Manufacturing data analytics
Real estate data analytics
Connectivity with most apps
Customizable user experience
Wide document analysis range
Specific organizational needs adaptation
Compliant with industry standards
Unparalleled decision-making support
Helps uncover hidden details
No in-app purchases
Automated intelligent data presentation
Supports up to 10MB PDF
Tailored data extraction and insights
Secure and confidential processing
Personalised implementation support
Optimized for complex research
Adapts to different document formats
Drives efficiency and success
Supports data-driven decision making


Only supports PDF format
Limited to 10MB upload
Requires understanding of queries
Extraction quality depends on document
No mobile application indicated
Potentially complex customization process
No specific mention of multi-language support


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Can IQ Suite assist me in making informed decisions?
How does IQ Suite process and present extracted data?
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Does IQ Suite require my data to be in a particular format?
What are the unique capabilities of IQ Suite?
Can IQ Suite connect with other applications?
How does IQ Suite handle data security?

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